Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Health and Fitness Update

I am working on getting my weight down for health purposes and yesterday I went to see a dietitian at the VA Hospital based on my health concerns which I will get into later. I am just happy that I am focusing on this part of my life - Beside if my health is not great then I wont be living a quality life which I think all of us need to concentrate on.

Based on my other blogs it has been a struggle and it may still be a struggle on some days to focus on my diet and exercise routines. So I am working on it but I have not regressed. I also picked up a weight scale to monitor my weight loss,gain and maintenance levels I am excited since I know basically what i need to do. Every one on Twitter and Face book that I follow or correspond with have provided me with vital info that I need to know for this journey on a physical , emotional and spiritual level. I will keep you updated on my progress and regression for feedback. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or ideas based on your professional or personal experiences .

I also did recheck with my oncologist regarding the side effects that I am experiencing from my radiation treatments there is some blood traces of some significance in places there should not be blood that has caused me concern. So I was there at the VA Hospital to see the dietitian and at the same time got my glasses readjusted, picked up a weight scale and talked to my oncologist which was surprising since I did not expect to see him yesterday. So that was very reassuring that he saw me right away and told me that the side effects will pass with time. I will see him in January 2010 if not before . I am hoping that I wont have to see him until then.

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