Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MY first Mac Cont.

Hello all
I dont know where I left off but I think I was feeling the elation from buying my first Mac
I have had it for ten days unofficially due to having to make an exchange three days after I bought the first one. 

The Mac experience is just what every seasoned Mac user says it is"That once you go with a Mac you never turn back" And this is she, my great macbook pro. I am still learning the ropes and fascinated about what it can do. I am going to be using the installed apps instead of jumping on that download wagon, it always does me in. and before I have limited disk space so i will watch it.
I am looking forward to not having those system crashes that started to increase in frequency on my p.c. 
I am can say I am genuinely happy 

Now I am wondering how I am going to get the rest of files off my pc instead of taking it in to a technician to get them. The pics and documents are of a private nature only for my eyes only. So that option is out.

I am going to keep my PC just for that very purpose I guess. I do have a thumbdrive but I am not sure  if is compatible with my new Mac since they are files made on the window platform.
I will figure it out. 

My health is ok lately since my prostate cancer scare-I just got through a slight cold which lasted a total of 2.5 days-I nipped it in the bud with Zicam and green tea. I think I am going to go back to the gym at some point in the meantime I am working out here in my apt. 
I have to stay focused on one thing at a time. I am jumble of feelings right now since I got this macintosh.
I can't explain how blessed I am at this very moment to be able to experience the events that have taken place in the last 5 years since I my life changed so drastically.
I guess I dont give myself enough time to think about it-There are many fleeting thoughts and subsequent sadness. Only lasts for a short time-I am aware of the triggers but try to stay focused on my future goals 
I am going to stop there
Until next time


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first Mac

On Feburary 8 I purchased a Macbook Pro laptop and it was long time overdue . I did my research on buying the Mac due to the frustration I was having with my PC (Compaq Presario Laptop) now 7 years old and fading fast. So I decided that it became more of a necessity than a luxury to have a new computer. My rationalization came from my status as a online Master's student at Capella  Univeristy . So I am excited and finally picked out one that I liked and would have the features that I desire. I needed  a faster and more reliable computer just for school work and my email and general internet surfing. 
I purchased it at a Apple Store and bought it home and it worked fine for three days and then suddenly it went to sleep and never came out of sleep so I "cold booted" it I will update you more maybe tomorrow on my Macintosh story


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