Sunday, April 20, 2008

Research: Vitamins may increase mortality

I found this article on vitamins and was perplexed about the validity of this research.
Dont get me wrong I admire and respect their experience  and position -Just when are they going to achieve the "happy " medium regarding whether vitamins are good or bad for you.
I do believe that natural sources of these vitamins are better for you as far as assimilation in to your body - but what about the bodybuilders such as myself that work out intensely on a regular basis and need extra vital nutrients that the supplements will provide. Is that ever considered or did I overlook that in my research?

Taking antioxidants like vitamins A and E to prolong life may actually have the opposite effect, new research has found.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Update on Health and Fitness

Hello all
I am feeling great this afternoon ,better than I was this morning. I did eat and workout at my place of residence -worked out on biceps and back along with doing my calisthenics  (push ups, sit ups and ab roller) I am getting more muscular but I know I need to do more intensive cardio and I should do some every day -I will try to get out and walk because I live across the street from a park and the Lake Erie is almost right at my door step -so there is no excuse since it is so close that I can touch it.

My update on my cancer diagnosis
Yesterday I went to see my urologist and we discussed what my decision will be when I see the oncologist on the 24th of April. If I decide to do surgery with will involve removal of my prostate gland m and that has consequences that I don't want to even consider at this point in my life.
My choice is to get the radiation treatments via laser,which is a new but proven method of getting rid of prostate cancer -I am anticipating that it will be starting in May once I talk to the doctors about my choice.

My brother is going through a procedure that involves a valve in his heart to be replaced -it is an out patient procedure - I will pray for him and wish for his quick recovery. Lord knows we are going through some trying times but we are fighters and we will always come out on the positive side of our challenges -We just don't know it at the time -learning experiences to share with others . Part of my mission is to deliver this wisdom and experience to others
I am blessed as I always have to remind myself of.
I will keep you all updated as things change over time.

No news is good news right ?

Until next time
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Wake up call

I just got more bad news concerning a friend of mine who has contracted cancer -quite devastating for me since I just started to deveelop  a relationship with him - I guess I am meant to take this as another opportunity to talk about my sickness which is less severre. He has a tumor on his spine which is going to take surgery and chemotherapy.. My tumor is in its early stages and very slow growing -told it will take years to grow under normal conditions (10-15yeas ) to produce symptoms.

on a ligther note I have started back to school online and I am jsut finishing my firest week
need to get my books soon -told the instructtor wating for a response. I am excited not so much for the class but for the number of people in the class. I was a class of one last quarter where I still have  a paper due which gave me an incomplete grade. I am going to the VA in Brecksville to a weekly group dealing with helping veterans with everday issues. I have a slew of appointments at the Wade Park VA -which include seeing a my primary doctor , a urologist and my psychiatrist. along with my oncologist to discuss what my choice for treatment is  of my canceroust tumor within my prostate gland. which is on the 24th .I am ready to get this process started no matter how miniiscule my tumor is- I cannot just take things for granted anymore. I am watching my diet and exercising more along with going to different functions outside my apt.
As I get more info on my progress I will update this blog -it serves as my journal and therapy at this point.
Until next time
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IOC strips Jones' 2000 teammates of relay medals

The IOC has stripped the medals from Marion Jones' U.S. relay teammates at the 2000 Olympics because of her doping history.

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Why are the rest of the teammates being penalized for what she did for heer body -she and she alone should be punished not her teammates

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

My weekend

Hello all
I am in a state of disbelief concerning my weekend ,specifically on friday and Saturday,
Friday I graduated from the program that I was a part of for the last 5 weeks which helped me with a lot of my issues with death and dying and the tragic events I went through. I got to talk to my brother who I have not heard from for at least 3 years since my mom died. I am still working on getting the gears churning again regarding finding out about my biological mom . I am dealing ok with my new diagnosis from St. Patrick's Day of Prostrate Cancer -As i mentioned it is in the early stages.
My other brother is going through a crisis of his own concerning his health and the loss of control of his immediate family. I can sympathize with him since I feel that same loss of control but I know have tools learned from therapy that I can use. I am in another frame of mind since graduating from this 4 week program. which was geared toward veterans who suffer from mental health issues. It gave me a new outlook of how I look at myself in reference to my existence and mission on this earth.
I am thankful and honored to be in this time and space to accomplish this mission that is yet to be defined.

Until next chapter


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