Sunday, December 14, 2014

My update on dealing with grief

It has been over a month since Dennis has left us and it has been a blur for me aside from the fact I still feel like it is a bad dream and I need to wake up.

Aside from that, good things are happening, my support system has been phemonomal

That includes family and friends who are making  sure I am safe and secure.I have also been seeing an  acupuncturist and went to my  first tai chi class last Wednesday.

I took tai chi  years ago when I was heavy into bodybuilding  but balancing those two disciplines was difficult. So tai chi took the back burner. I am happy to say the tables have  turned
My anxiety and nervousness has increased as it gets closer to the 20th where did the month go?

As I was writing this a doctor who knew dennis at metro health after his stroke dropped by with final draft  and  the extended bio for the program.

It is going to be a very emotional and eloquent recital for my best friend and lover dennis lang RIP

Until next time
Kirk Fontaine

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My journey of grief and loss

Hello all my current and future  followers,

As you well  know I have had many challenges in the last 20 years  the death of my partner due to suicide in 2003, the passing of my mom in 2005, my diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2008, and now the recent passing of my current partner from kidney failure.

It obviously has been an emotional roller coaster, but it has made me a stronger person emotionally, physically and my spiritual  existence is I  believe building each challenge that I go through

. Today is one day that is challenging me the most since it is the time where most families gather to honor and thank each other  and  what ever god they worship for the many blessings they have and will  receive. And although some friends have asked me to join their famiy gathering it won't be the same it is to raw and too early to face that challenge .

Time is will be my healer I  know from experience

Thanks  for reading and happy turkey day to every one

Until next time



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