Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My New Year Plan

My New Year Plan

Hello all,

My new year plan includes preparing for graduation proceedings which includes paying fees for graduation, getting the application process finalized for my transition from Capella University to CAL U which is the online college I am transferring to, in order, to pursue my passion. I am going for a Masters In Exercise Science with Post Certification options. My goal is to get certified in Personal Fitness Training. which I did earlier in my life back when I was competing as a bodybuilder. I am planning to get back on the bandwagon as soon as possible , I am doing abbreviated workouts in my apartment with an exercise wheel , and using dumbbells and doing intense sets of calisthenics(push ups,crunches, burpees,etc)

I am hoping I have an even better year coming although this one ended very well for me with my graduation from Capella .and boy does that feel great to have made another accomplishment in my life.

To review the year 2009 in a nutshell.:

March 27 -Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

May 14Th -My Birthday

May 28 -involved in a car accident (no injuries very lucky)

July -started radiation therapy treatments for 45 weekdays until Sept 5,unofficially I am in remission. I will be seeing the oncologist on Jan 7 to review my blood test and the status of my condition.

December 11 -finished my Master’s Program in Information Technology

Things are going OK for me and I am confident that it will get better . I have also been thinking about how I am going to get certified in a tech field but I will ponder and research my options to make sure I make the right decision.

I will update you all as my situation changes

Have a safe and happy holiday

Until next time


Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello all,

I just graduated from college with a Master's Degree in Information Technology,I feel elated but worried to some extent since I am now thinking what my next step will be . I am thinking about enrolling in a online college name Cal U based in PA to get my Master's in Exercise Science, I want to follow my passion which is a personal fitness training and start up my business, then the other option is to get certified in a technical field such as web design since I would like to design my own website geared toward exercise, , health and fitness, etc. I am weighing my financial options and that is the other thing Employment, I am still unemployed and without skills for my Master's in Information Technology but I always will have my experience with teaching, educating and personal fitness training from my Bachelor's Degree in Health Education and Sports Medicine. So that is my quandary at the moment.

Well regarding my diet and exercise routine. There is none . I am still in that unstructured mode and those remain challenging issues for me- so is life. I am losing weight and my diet has improved tremendously which became a health concern according my last visit to the doctor. I am not perfect obviously and I have to accept those qualities that bother me and be ok with them and constantly improving on them.

My exercise routine involves my "daily" Burpees and working out with my weights at home -just dumbbells and my exercise wheel along with calisthenics , I am going back to the gym as soon as my financial situation gets better.

Well if you read my last blog on Google Wave. I am happy to say it is growing on me and I am getting used to navigating around this product. I also am happy to say I used this tool to write my final project paper on and received an "A" which surprised me.

I do notice that Google is constantly improving on making this tool function better with the feedback from the beta tester's and in turn they have been giving out more invites . It does create less frustration than when I started because it is not surprising to see that hideous black box on the top on my Wave client that says I need to tell what happened before the black box showed up and then you have to refresh Google Wave and that does not please me either. It is due to the long repopulating of the waves that have been created by the beta testers My wave client is called Wave board and its created by one of the testers It does not improve upon its functionality but it allows me to use it as a standalone app for the Wave instead of my browser.

I am now writing this blog on Chrome , the beta browser for Mac and it works great and it seems to be faster as advertised although I am not satisfied with the rendering on some graphic intensive pages as well as some with Flash which sometime freeze or crash the tab that the web page is loading in.

I have started a wave called The Health and Fitness Wave and I am still trying to figure out how to integrate my waves with my blog . There are extensions and gadgets that will allow one to integrate but they are not working very well. So i am going to wait until Google fixes those issues. In the meantime I am going to continue to play around with the features of Google Wave.
It remains the reason why I spend all my time on the computer when I not doing school work and I will keep you all updated on my journey through life and Google Wave and whatever that entails.
If anyone is interested in Google Wave invites I still have some to give out.
Contact me on Twitter @fitnewbie or email me at if interested.
Until next time

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Experience with Google Wave

On Thursday November 10 I received my invite from Google to beta test their new collaboration tool called Google Wave. My first experience was one of excitement and jubilation , to be part of this beta testing group.I signed in and got started "waving" Oops I had no one to wave with.

So I started to explore and test out the many features that this new service boasts about . Before I got the invite , in preparation of receiving it. I did ton of research on Google Wave. which involved watching the hour and half video to get an idea on what it is supposed to do along with searching thru Google Alerts. a Google search tool that involves using selected words to get the best hits whether it is from the Web,or in the form of documents, news articles or blogs.

  • I am learning something new everyday regarding Google Wave . I have several waves that I alone use with out any participants. so they will be considered private in nature.
  • I am brainstorming on ideas on how to compile sections of my paper in individual waves and edit it to my satisfaction before I include in my final draft. I know I am taking a big chance in using this to compile and edit my paper.
And this will then explain why I am going on this risky journey through Google Wave..since it is the subject of my paper.
It changed from using wireless technology exclusively for a technology upgrade to testing out the new platform and/or protocol Google Wave to be implemented into a non profit organization called NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness). using the current technology

I have subscribed to many waves and adding more as I browse the public waves . Most of the waves I frequent or subscribe to focus on the technical side of Google Wave along with learning shortcuts which will help me to become more productive.

Thing I love about Google Wave
  • Live Typing , concurrent editing,
  • Ability to collaborate and share documents (have not tried that function fully due to the lack of contacts )
  • Color coded user-created Search filters (has enabled me to streamline and save my important searches )
  • Color coded user-created folder system
  • Wave categorization similar to Outlook(Windows) or Mail (Macintosh)
Thing I dislike about Google Wave
  • sluggishness and freezing (due tot the pre-beta status of this tool )
  • Slow loading in browser( Safari for Mac )and in a wave client for the Mac( Waveboard)
  • No options for switching off concurrent editing without wave author approval
  • No consistency in the online status of the wave contacts that have been added to the contact list by a participant
  • Limited invite only status , (starting to open the floodgates to pass out more invites) :)
This is a partial list that I thought of on the fly and I am sure that I will experience more issues as time goes on . I am sure that Google Wave Developers are hard at work on those bug issues and hopefully by the release date which will probably happen early next year . most of these issues will be resolved.

My overall opinion is it is a great idea that has the potential to become the most innovative tool that involves email, collaboration and IM in a mashup geared toward businesses that capitalizes on those forms of communication.

I will be reporting on any future experiences that may differ from the ones I listed above

If any one reads this I have 7 Google Wave invites to give out I cannot seem to give them away now,
Last month they were like gold now they are like a lump of coal. And yes it is a work in progress but Google would need feedback in order to make their product work better , so give a spin

You can contact me at or contact me on twitter @fitnewbie

Until next time


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back in School

Hello all

I am sorry for the long delay in posting- I have been contemplating what I would like my readers to know about me. I know I only have a few but would like to get more. I crave for the feedback . I even posted a youtube video of myself to test out the software and it gave me the opportunity to analyze my presentation.
I did get some info regarding blog etiquette and found out that I am doing it wrong So I will try to keep updated at least on a weekly basis and stick to a single subject. Be consistent is one of my challenges and I am working on that

Here we go I am back in school and starting my 4th week. THis is my final class before graduation and I am excited as well as anxious about my future after school. I am planning to go back to get my Master's in Exercise Science at a online college named Cal U. I have petitioned for graduation from Capella U. and the ceremony will take place in Minneapolis MN where my it is based, so I have a lot to consider just in preparation for graduation.

On a lighter note ,I just received my invite from Google Wave and I am excited to learn more about it and how it will revolutionize communication and collaboration on the Internet. or in the "cloud"
So far I have played around with the basic functions and visited some waves as well as joined in on some of them
It is fascinating to watch someone type in real time as was stated in regards to the many features this new service has
I am sure it will just get better -there is tons of tutorials on how to navigate thru this application if that is the correct term for it. Stay Tuned to my experiences regarding The Wave .

From a health standpoint I am feeling better and I am still getting my workouts in but not as regular as I would like I am using a lot of the material I get from fitness tweeters that I follow in addition to watching you tube videos on health and fitness. from some of the same people that I follow on Twitter.

Diet is improving and I am feeling better due to cutting back on sodium laden foods. I am going to see my doctor for a checkup in December to determine if I still need a stricter diet and exercise modification or resort to prescribed medications for high blood pressure . I have been eating more fruits an vegetables and I have nuts either with my meals or between meals for a snack.

Still that work in progress

I am signing off for now

Until next time


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wish listing

I wondering why I titled this post wish listing-I think I am brainstorming what will go on my wish list. Lets see Peace and harmony would be up there in my fav 5 along with holistic health and wellness.

I went to a friends school where she is a physical education teacher. There was an open house for family and friends of the students and staff. So me and my friend were invited.-I had a great time but it was melancholy in nature since I was a teacher''s aide for many years, the last 5 years between 1997-2002 consisted of working with emotionally challenged kids , seeing the kids perform at this presentation at my friend's school was sorta emotional.

I dont think I will work with kids in this capacity ever again, since it is stressful but rewarding . I think I will work in an educational setting but maybe as a consultant in some health and fitness capacity. As some of you know if you have read my blog posts that I have one more class-Integrative Capstone that will deal with comprehensive content from my prior classes.

I have wonderful moral and emotional support from my family and friends which has helped me tremendously in addition to going to therapy on a regular basis . My next appointment is tomorrow and I will be going over some homework that was given to me to read so that I can use it in tomorrow's session . I will fill you all in on the results of that in the future if I think it is significant to mention.

My health and fitness wish list is to be working either online or in a personal training facility within the next 10 years . I do plan on going back to school to get my Master's in Exercise Science at another online college that I am doing research on at the moment. There is a long application process that I am not looking forward to ,but it is called progress right?

Still exercising on an inconsistent basis-I have not pinpointed what I need to do to make this work in my favor. Education wise I know that right recipe but need the passion to stoke that fire and keep it lit. I am willing to take suggestions ,comments or ideas. It is harder than most people can imagine. It is a personal and frustrating battle with myself LOL

It will work it self out when the time is right. I just have to be patient with myself-I make sure I focus and not let my friends and family influence my decision unless I allow it.
It is all about keeping my state of mind calm and intact. Some of you might think well just do it.
If the fuel is not there to stoke then how can there be a fire.

Enough of that!
I will continue to keep you updated on my weight loss. Last weigh in was 163 down from 172 and working out in my apartment helps keep me toned . Of course my cardiovascular and muscular endurance need improvement as well as my diet . It needs more protein intake and less fat-I need to buy a protein powder to supplement between meals so I dont have that void between major meals-keeping my blood sugar and nitrogen levels elevated will help with muscle growth and recovery after exercise sessions.

That is my update for this week

Until next time

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last week of School /Thoughts of the Future

Hello all

I am closing on my last week ending on Friday with this session of school until October where I start my last class called the Integrative Capstone Project for IT , and it will be comprehensive in nature . That is all I know at this point. I am sure this will be very challenging since it is based on the last 3-4 years of school. Not impossible but it will be hard.

Moving on, my weight is going down I am now 163 lb. down from 172 which is amazing give or take a few pounds based on the time of day and whether I was wearing clothes or not on the day I recorded the weight. Anyway I am glad and I do feel lighter since I gave up or cut down on those processed foods . I have been eating more fruit and vegetables and knowing I need to get back in the gym is wearing on me. I have been doing my "burpees" along with weight training with my dumbbells here in my apartment. if you have been reading my blogs you will know what those are. Read on it they are great for getting a intense whole body routine within a 10min period . I used my breaks from school and the computer to do my exercise routines .
I do them every other day so my body has time to recuperate . I have to remember that I am older now and my recuperation time has increased , so instead of 2 days I have to do maybe three , depending on what and how I do my exercises for that particular day.

My arms alway respond well to any exercise I do for the upper body so they always look ok just need to work on my cardio and muscular endurance, working on my abs and losing the weight helps fuel my motivation. Physical results from your workouts is always an ego booster for anyone losing , maintaining ,or gaining weight(lean muscle).

I am excited about graduating probably after the first of the year I will have my Master's in Information Technology, I am going straight into something I am very passionate about and that is Personal Fitness Training I am now in the process of researching a college that is offering a Masters in Exercise Science So I hope that pans out for me . It offers financial aid which is something that a lot of the personal training certification courses and programs do not. I did live and breath personal training years ago before some major challenges put a dent in that passion. I am healing thyself with self -reflection and knowing who I am as a human being in all that it comprises . It is fascinating, scary and enlightening to learn about yourself

I have had a mere 6 years to learn about myself and it makes you very humble thus you begin to appreciate those little things that you never had the time to analyze. Something to ponder on as I approach the half century mark. Whew I said it.

Well that is it from the Captain

Until next time
God bless

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Update

Hello all

I will try to keep up with this blog so I can update my readers on my life events, if any at all

Well lets see I am still working on finding out about my new OS upgrade and it's incompatibilities and recently found out about my Photo Booth app which is obviously not compatible with my current OS Snow Leopard and found no documentation of it being incompatible ,so that was big shock. I took a screen shot of the error message that popped up when I tried to open it.and I will post it took a forum to see if I get a workaround until the new iteration or update releases itself to the public which from my research might be released as early as next week. Snow Leopard 10.6.1 to all my Mac Geeks out there

On my health and fitness journey to lose ,build and maintain , I have lost 5 lb. within the last month which is reflected from my diet change. I have cut down on my processed foods such as pizzas and other ready made foods. I have my staple oatmeal with fat free milk , along with green tea. I have in the last month included walnuts and blueberries to my breakfast as well
So I am glad with that progress.

I have doing more intense 10 minute routines which involve the whole body , either done in a circuit fashion or supersetting opposing muscle groups such as biceps and triceps , I have been doing an exercise that was used by Mike Rowe , the host of "Dirty Jobs "on the Discovery Channel, If anyone is interested in the link I will find it and send it or post it on the next blog entry . They are called 'burpees " and involves doing pushups, squat thrusts and plyometrics . I am up to 2 sets . They are very intense whole body excursus used originally by some prison inmates . So that is my staple morning routine outlined above.

I am coming up on my last week starting on Monday , My last day is on the 18th so I will be busy catching up . This class is a challenging one so needless to say I will be glad when it is over.
Then I will check out my next and final class which will start in October or November and I will be finished.
Then I hopefully will be done with researching the college (California University) which I will taking the Exercise Science program starting in January 2010
I will be updating you on the progress on this event

Stay Tuned
Until next time

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Discoveries

I have had my new macbook pro laptop since February of this year-very happy with it since I converted from a Windows computer. What a great difference in my stress level and I will not go in to details in lieu of the fact there are many window users out there and I am not a basher-this is from personal experience.

So on Friday of last week I upgraded my OS with the new version of Snow Leopard as it is called . Such a cool name for an OS version . I am having some irritation from some of my third party applications not being compatible with the new upgrade and some bugginess with some of the Apple apps but I do know they are working on getting fixes for those reported bugs and they will likely come out with the next update 10.6.1 soon ,so I am not so concerned. Even with the bugginess it is not as bad as it used to be.

Moving on.... I have found a way to get certified in Personal Training online within an educational institution that takes financial aid since I am not working at the moment. I am researching it more as we speak. I did receive a email from the institution and they summarized the application , financial aid and orientation process to get into the classes which start in January 2010 which works out fine for me since I am graduating this December from Capella University with a Master's in Information Technology-So that is my plan of action.
I have been trying to find an institution online that has just those qualifications.

Now the accreditation is another thing I am wondering about before I dive in. So I am going to post the name on Twitter and Facebook to see if I get any feedback about this college in terms of validity and how they do in career development and job placement in whatever concentration I decide to pursue. More than likely I am going to start in basics with wellness and fitness to refresh my knowledge and learn new information about the field from the new research that is out there on health and fitness .

So far my health is ok since my issues have been taken care for the moment which is a blissful since I am unemployed but have my veteran's health insurance to fall back on and they will take care of me until I die unless there are some major changes in my coverage.
I am still working on exercising more when I can and when I feel up to it. Here at home doesn't work well for me. So I know I need to get back in the gym. Forthcoming I know. Time will tell

In the meantime day by day is my motto. Pace myself , reduce my stress and living a simplistic existence always remain my goal. Lessons to be learned and my mind is open to more of it. Bring it on.

That is it for the moment. Thanks for reading

Until next time


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Short Update

Hello my friends

It has been a while since I posted-I have been very busy with school catching up on my homework.
I am still behind but have time to write something to let people know I am still around but busy.

I have been doing ok with managing my salt intake which was an issue when I went to the doctor-I have been using Mrs. Dash salt substitute for seasoning and I have been staying off the sweets and processed foods or cutting down on them.

I am still working on being consistent with the recording of my daily meals and exercise. Work to do but progressing.

I just bought the upgrade to my OS for Mac which is called Snow Leopard and I am testing it out. I have no major issues just irritating things that I know will be fixed in upcoming software updates along with finding compatible versions of my third party software ,plugins , etc.

I am in my 8th week of school and I will be done on September 18 Thank God this is a course that was hard to interpret based on the text book which is very technical but I am making do with the resources that I have.

Thank God as well that I dont use my Windows computer anymore for major work I will get back to it to see If I can continue to delete files off the disk . It is just very buggy and on a 8 year computer with ton of stuff on it that needed to be deleted .

Hmm I am about done with this post I dont have a lot to report as of right now maybe in a week I will have more for you

Until then

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Health and Fitness Update

I am working on getting my weight down for health purposes and yesterday I went to see a dietitian at the VA Hospital based on my health concerns which I will get into later. I am just happy that I am focusing on this part of my life - Beside if my health is not great then I wont be living a quality life which I think all of us need to concentrate on.

Based on my other blogs it has been a struggle and it may still be a struggle on some days to focus on my diet and exercise routines. So I am working on it but I have not regressed. I also picked up a weight scale to monitor my weight loss,gain and maintenance levels I am excited since I know basically what i need to do. Every one on Twitter and Face book that I follow or correspond with have provided me with vital info that I need to know for this journey on a physical , emotional and spiritual level. I will keep you updated on my progress and regression for feedback. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or ideas based on your professional or personal experiences .

I also did recheck with my oncologist regarding the side effects that I am experiencing from my radiation treatments there is some blood traces of some significance in places there should not be blood that has caused me concern. So I was there at the VA Hospital to see the dietitian and at the same time got my glasses readjusted, picked up a weight scale and talked to my oncologist which was surprising since I did not expect to see him yesterday. So that was very reassuring that he saw me right away and told me that the side effects will pass with time. I will see him in January 2010 if not before . I am hoping that I wont have to see him until then.

Thanks for reading

Again feel free to comment

Until next time


Friday, July 31, 2009

My Current health concern

Hello all

I am somewhat concerned about a side effect of my radiation treatment which took place in July -August of 2008 in reference to treating my prostate cancer. Last month I went and saw my oncologist at VA Hospital here in Cleveland. Based on the blood test results my PSA was not bad at all. I think it was below 00.5 which is good but was elevated from my last test in January. I am scheduled to see him every 6 months for an update on my health status. I did have traces of blood in my stool which I mentioned to him.

He told me not to worry about it since it was showing up infrequently and he asked me about my sexual activity and if I had any blood in my urine. No concerns there. Everything is in working order.
Now he did ask about my ejaculate and if there was any blood within the semen. At the time it was not a issue because it was not showing up from any sexual activity that I had. Soon after I saw him, I started observing trace amounts of blood in my semen which freaked me out. It showed up in more than a trace amount and then I got concerned . Although he told me that it may show up from the radiation treatments since their was inflammation to my bladder,rectum and prostate from the process-it still caused me concern. At this moment I am hesitant to continue my sexual activities until it heals. Hopefully it will subside with time.

My reproductive , urinary and lower digestive tract are in close proximity to one another which account for the inflammation that we discussed during our biannual visits. It is sort of inevitable to have that side effect from the treatment. It is logical but nonetheless disconcerting. He explained the dynamics of why and how radiation can affect those areas.
It is like a scar that constantly get aggravated by the constant movement of those organs during normal activity and it may show up in the stool and of course in the ejaculate after sexual activity. So it somewhat normal up to a point. I will be in contact according to his instructions and my gut feeling if it gets any worse.

I will see him again in December or January to recheck my PSA level and discuss if I need any more treatment. I am confident that I will be OK. I have read some very interesting research and some personal struggles involving this silent and potentially deadly disease. It explains why I am so passionate about this and diligent about communicating it to men of my age group.

Until next time

Monday, July 27, 2009

My week in review

Good day all

I am little late on reporting on the journey that I am experiencing . I am starting my 3rd week in school and I am enjoying it so far - Hmm let me ponder-should I be feeling this way about school . I have not spoke much about my brother that I have developed a close and intimate relationship with . We as brothers never had much of a relationship as kids but after our mom passed in 2005 when have become closer. I speak to him almost every day-He says he is proud of my accomplishments as I am of his. We have been through a lot-Tragedy as we perceive it provided us with opportunities that are not of a tangible nature-We have had many blessings that we never knew about until after our mom died. She has paved a way for us to appreciate the little things in life. Believe me there is a lot of truth in realizing what is important in life.

On that note it seems that I am in the process of hooking back up with my high school classmates which bring up tremendous anxiety since it has been 30 years since I was in high school. My best friend that I knew in high school contacted me and I was elated to hear from him. He is married in living in California. We have a lot of catching up to do-a lot has happened since then. We will see how that goes.

I just watched an account from 9/11 "survivors" on called "7 days in September" Highly recommended. It is sad and heartbreaking. I was in New York before all this happened and even ate dinner in the Windows of the World restaurant and took a pic on a ferry with the Twin Towers in the background . Just to see and hear the accounts of what took placed during that attack and after from several people that experienced it was breathtaking. Another humbling moment. Another Divine intervention.

I am still struggling with my sense of identity but maybe it is there right in front of my face and I am not seeing it. Sometimes I get so analytical that it clouds my sense of logic. If you have read most of my blogs, I write about those accounts or events that explain my issues with my identity. So I wont bore you with those details.

Still working on getting my health back to optimal levels-watching my salt intake, exercising at home on somewhat a structured routine. Consistency is a challenge, but I am working on that as well since I plan on being back in the 8-5 world soon after school ends. I am preparing for that as we speak.

I think I will stop for the sake of my readers.

Again I apologize for the lengthy post. I will probably write one weekly instead of every three days since I think I will have more to report on.

Until next time

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Day of my natural high

I am glad to say that I worked out today and loved it -I felt the endorphins racing through my body. Boy what a feeling it is like a morphine high. I have not felt that for a long time and I do miss it terribly, Today I did a intense set of 21's and some ab exercises with my ab wheel , push ups and shoulder exercises with my dumbbells -all this in a 1o minute period.

For those that know how much I struggled to regain my structure after several deaths in my family. I was and still am working on that factor that will give me some peace of mind. I did not know that it was going to be this hard. My own naivete showing its face.

There has been a proliferation of events that have been happening lately that further define the journey I am on. I have made contact with my high school alumni group online and have started finding some classmates that I know . One of them being my best friend that I grew up with -that was great to see a pic of him and he is married now. Never saw that coming based on the high school conversations we used have about that. Just kid talk . Based on the profile and pics on the site he seems to be OK.

So that brought up some nostalgic feelings of my childhood. A topic for my therapist since my childhood has been my focus lately. I cannot go into detail -too personal but it is very complex and somewhat mysterious.

Each day that I get older I feel I am becoming a wiser man -although I wish the younger generation could experience the emotions that I am feeling . It will humble the toughest man I realize how blessed we are as human beings living in these times. But of course experience is the best teacher but our younger geerations are not living to experience the wisdom that comes with age. It is sad and scary scenario.

Enough said
I am also getting melancholy in my old age as well

I am in my first week of my class and need to finish my assignments for the week -going great, seems like a great class so far
I thought I should keep my schedule to write my blog every three days as was mentioned to my readers and a commitment to myself as well

Until next time


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogging during Power outage

My blog-07/16/09
Blogging during Power outage

Well, here I am sitting in the dark at my apartment on a Thursday morning. I am writing this blog on my Mac that is working on battery power until the lights come back on. There was a power surge in the building since my apartment building is the only one on the street that is completely without power. It is a weird scenario it seems like someone or something sapped the energy out of the building and it just working on reserves because the lights work but are very dim.-Never seen that before. Which gives me time to do this blog and work on my assignment for this week?
Anyhow that was the excitement for me just hope they come back on before my battery power runs out.

I am back in school starting this week. My class is System Development and Theory-it looks challenging but I know if I do my research and read the book I will understand the context better. There are many professionals in my class that can help me with the terminology since some of them work in the field of software engineering. That is always an advantage. At the moment I dont have the text but luckily I was able to go to Google Books and look a limited preview of the text online. So maybe I will be able to get by without the book.,like I did last term. Keeping my fingers crossed due tot the book being over 90.00 Yikes.

My unstructured training is starting to take shape but I need to focus on different days, different body part, for example chest and back, legs abs, biceps triceps, shoulders and maybe calves. I have been getting research online by scanning my twitter and face book followers and getting a little bit from each one to consolidate workouts
I have started doing very intense whole body routines that dont take more than 10 minutes which is great since I m not able to join a gym due to financial constraints which I am sure everyone is suffering from these days. So I am remembering the ones that worked the most body parts in a shorter time. Thanks for the informative videos,.inks and websites that I viewed and commented on from my followers and the one that I follow on Face book and Twitter.
My diet is now drastically changed since I went to the doctor and found out my blood pressure is on the borderline of being hypertensive. So all the fitness professionals out there know what the culprit is Salt and Fat, They both can be modified to healthy levels, so I am working on that and will be checked again in 4 months to see if it has changed.

My staple breakfast in the morning is green tea, oatmeal and maybe a banana or apple whichever one is available
I always have ground turkey as my main protein source but was eating more processed and convenience foods and based on my decreased level of activity. Unemployed and an online college student. Poses a challenge to my state of well being.
My goal is to go back to the gym and work on my cardiovascular system and continue to modify my diet close to what it was when I was preparing for bodybuilding shows. My last one was in 2002. Since then family and health issues (passing on mother and close family friend 2005 and 2003 respectively) moving in 2007, being diagnosed with prostate cancer on St. Patrick Day in 2008. It seems I hit a bump in the road. During that time I was working on my core identity (finding out who I was as a man)
Counseling and support from my immediate family and friends has helped me with those challenges and I am sure they will be there in my upcoming challenges

I hope this is not to long to read and if you get to this point thanks for reading and comment please I love the comments or suggestions

Until next time 


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Focusing on my health and fitness

Here I am again a day before I mentioned I was going to update. I went to my doctor on Friday and got a wake up call concerning my blood pressure. It has doubled over a 2year period and I am certain it is due to my activity level since I quit work in 2004 . Of course since then I have been in school and I am about to graduate . Old news I know.

Let's concentrate on current events - I am going to be more vigilant about my exercise and diet although it is hard and challenging to get moving. I am sure people can relate to the challenging early morning routine. It is never the same everyday. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard nonetheless it has to be done and consistently in order for it to be effective. I do know that but at the same time I am human and have the same challenges every morning . Procrastination is something that I still need to work out - although in the last 5 years I have gotten better with getting tasks done on time. My online college courses has sparked that fire because if I dont there are consequences

Just this morning I did a 10 min routine of opposing muscle groups in a home setting using dumbbells, stool and an ab wheel

This my routine as I remember:
3 super sets of elevated push ups/ bench dips
2 super sets of db rows/ 21's for biceps -bodybuilding veterans and readers remember those -very intense
2 sets of ab wheel
All of these done to failure.

My breakfast was my usual :
Green tea
Oatmeal with 2 percent milk
and a scrambled egg

Now I am posting this not just for my readers but for myself as well to motivate me and know that it is possible to get back to almost contest shape with out the competition weighing on my mind. My health is the priority and being a Health Education major I know what I need to do. I want to thank the bloggers and twitters that I have met and talked to concentrating on health and fitness
Some of your stories are awe inspiring and motivating. Thank you willofiron(Gary) FAtlife(Drew),Mobilelifetoday for giving me the opportunity to write about my experiences.
There are more if I left you out I apologize.

I will close since I have to start to look at my coursework for the summer term that starts on Monday the 13th and it looks challenging so I may not update this blog as much as I like.
Please feel free to leave comments,questions and criticisms since I am a blogger that is a little green but it is very therapeutic for me.

Until next time

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to school and Health Update

Well it is that time again. Vacation over -What vacation right? I am starting my new class called System Development and Theory at my online college Capella University -It is really a great college if anyone is interested in attending a online college. Highly recommended.

I have this class and my major project class which involves a comprehensive approach based on previous classes and what I have learned in those classes. It is similar to a Thesis I suppose but it is called the Capstone Project and then I graduate with a Master's of Science Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Health Information Systems . Fancy name huh ? Wish me luck .

Now in reference to my health I just returned from seeing my primary physician at the VA Hospital
I just needed to rule any undetected injuries resulting from my accident that took place on May 25. They took x-rays of the my lower jaw since it was injured in the accident. Overall My occupants and I were very lucky to survive with only bumps and bruises, along with some lingering anxiety to be in a car in general.
I am submitting a claim so I will need the documentation from my doctor stating if there are any physical injuries from the accident. This process will finish that chapter after I get the documents from the hospital.

While in the process of checking in which usually involves taking vitals (pulse, temperature and blood pressure) they did notice my BP was slightly elevated aka Stage 1 hypertension.
That concerned me ,so I know in the last five years I have become more sedentary based on the fact of sitting at my desk at home doing my coursework for the online class as well as checking email,surfing the net ,etc. Another Wake up call.

Eating processed foods ! When I am at home it is so easy to stick a frozen pizza in the oven or god forbid eat chips -Yes that is one of my guilty pleasures amongst others.
Nonetheless I know is elevating my blood pressure from 120/70 to 147 /90 within a five year period. Not good so I have choices to make and I know that it involves diet modification and exercise.

My home exercise routine is very minimal lately -I presently have an ab wheel , some dumbbells which I work out with along with doing an intense routine of calisthenics . So I know I need to go back to my former gym and pay the fees for a month. Revisiting that challenge will be good for me since this last visit to the doctor was another life lesson.

I have gained some arm size and my lats / back muscles have become thicker from the exercises I perform at home. but my weight is now concentrated at my midsection where the extra weight lies.

Oh I forgot to mention my weight was 157 in 2007 and now it is 174. The doctor showed me the graph displaying my weight and blood pressure fluctuations . Quite a eye opening experience when you see it on paper.

OK so I will close and please comment or email me with those comments , questions or statements based on your professional opinion and/or experience.

I will try to keep this updated every three days instead of weekly since I need the feedback from my readers as well as supplying me with reminders when i review my previous blogs -So they are a source of motivation when i get in a quandary concerning my well being.

Until next time

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Week in Review

I am still reeling from my trip to New York- I have this new and alive feeling from being there and coming back to Cleveland and recognizing things in more detail. It was meant to be for me to go there to break through this barrier that has been in part self- imposed and part experience- based stemming from my prostate cancer diagnosis back to the passing of my mother and best friend and the many transitions that either complicated or resolved the questions I had. Lots of whys and ifs that plagued me and still do to some extent. I feel that I am opening another chapter in my life.

I am about to graduate with a Masters in Information Technology hopefully by the end of the year. And then" what?" I ask myself -I am preparing myself emotionally for the next major step as well as revising my resume and doing some basic networking ,sort of setting the groundwork.

I hope that the economy will continue to repair itself with the help of our government. I am also looking into certifying myself in Personal Fitness Training. I know it will take some time to get that done but my love is in Personal Training. I have done personal training in health facilities and clubs, competed in local bodybuilding shows (Won Mr. Cleveland in 2002) -Take a look at my twitter account and who I follow. Thus far I have obtained a lot of pertinent info of what I need to do and how to do it. I am meticulous about how I am going to go forward with this chapter in my life. Slow and steady ,thinking in practical terms.

Some people will say it is asinine to approach it in those terms but that is how I make my best decisions. Being risky and impulsive never worked for me so I wont . I think God has given me this respite from the 8 -5 world to heal and revisit my goals in life. So I am taking advantage of this opportunity. And it has helped me make better decisions. Thank you

It bring me to the tragic death of the King of Pop Micheal Jackson , I have heard so many stories about this man who grew up in my era and endured a very dysfunctional childhood. I can relate in many ways if I did not have the help and support that Micheal did not receive or if he did it was little to none- I would probably be going down that same road. Our stories are similar in some respects except his childhood was replaced by being anointed the Boy Wonder of the Jackson 5. That is some tremendous pressure. So when I listen or read about what some people are saying about him I get angry because more than likely they never experienced what he went through -In that respect I did not either -You have to learn to show some empathy which I have enough to pass around. It is very easy to blame him for a lot of thing that has happened in his life. If so , then please question yourself to find out what sparked the events that you blame him for.
OK I will stop the rant. Just a feeling I have since his death. I have even learned how much more precious my life is and I feel blessed to not be under that same pressure.

I have great resolve and strength that have matured from my life experiences thus far.
BTW I just got word that my prostate cancer is in remission according to my oncologist Whew what a relief I will see him in 6 months for another blood test and checkup.

I do pray for those whose prostate cancer is so advanced that it metastasized to the other organs and usually at that stage it gets harder to treat. I have talked to some of the veterans in the VA Hospital where I get treatment and checkups .
More sad stories ,another indication of the blessing I have been given. Thank you

This is a longer blog than usual I do apologize if you get to this point. The last few months have been very eye-opening for me in reference to my mission here on earth.

Until next time

Friday, July 3, 2009

In a New York Minute

I had the best experience starting last Friday I rode to New York with some friends just to get a sense of a different air. I am from Cleveland Ohio and based on my history it was needed. I have not been to New York since the 9 /11 tragedy and wanted to see the site where it all took place. I did not get to see the site but it was not necessary. Since I was overwhelmed by the New York Scene -what a culture shock. I realized that I did not have the same emotional reaction that I did years ago before the the 9/11 tragedy. I did eat in the restaurant called the "Windows of the World " in the WTC with a friend whose birthday was on the day we ate there. So there is emotional attachment there.

Coming in to the city from the highway there was this haze lying over the skyline sans the Twin Towers. Another emotional moment for me. I was so excited that I did not sleep the whole 8 hrs I was on the road.

After we arrived and rented a parking garage space for 3 days It houses cars for a long as you want .
We did hook up with our hosts who welcomed us into their house which was in the city of Mahattan -Walking through the city in the early morning hours was electric- I was the typical tourist looking at all the magnificant bulidings that makes New York the international city that it is quoted to be and watching New Yorkers go through there daily grind -it was a different energy that I haven't felt in a while. I have traveled to many sites in the US but I was younger and did not appreciate the experience of being in a different city.

We walked and walked throughout the city. I visited many popular sites including the park that is facing the Hudson River and our guide pointed out where the Plane landed (cant recall the flight number) where all the people survived due to the Pilot's excellent landing on the water.
Toured Times Square and walked through the theater district . Truly fascinating.

As far as exercise is concerned I am sure I got enough of it -losing weight in the process.
Not sure how much since my scale is on the fritz at home.

I was tired but was too hyped to sleep the whole three days- I did rest and was back the following morning to hit the pavement to tour more sites. We did not take in any movies, theater performances etc. Just toured the famous sites that I spoke of earlier and ate at a place called The City Diner and a great Italian restaurant that had fab pizza and pasta -Homemade of course.

I am glad that I experienced this because it gave me a greater appreciation for the city although the cost of living is high it is a great city to live in. It is booming with electricity literally 24 hours a day. -the city that never sleeps

I might go back in August and will probably stay longer because there is so much more I want to experience. For those of your that have never been in New York please go -it is a eye opener
I have a new energy that I needed to face the challenges that I am currently dealing with and those yet to come.

Speaking of that I went yesterday to get a blood test to detect my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level to see how my prostate gland is functioning after my radiation therapy for prostate cancer. I will see my oncologist on the 8th to review the results -Update to follow

Until next time

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evaluating my upcoming summer

It has been awhile since I posted I do apologize to those who read my blogs-I finished up school on the 12th of June and I will take two more classes starting on July 12 to finish up for graduation-the school wants me to take two classes ,but I know I can only take one class at a time based on the class structure. It works better for me if I take one class at a time.

The accident chapter that I have been focusing on is not much of a chapter to write on. It is not going to amount to much compensation for me since I was not injured severely.

I am still going to therapy and as an unemployed veteran I have no choice but to take the care they deliver,which is great and I feel blessed to have this service available. I am now going to see another therapist later on next week and also going to New York that same week for a few days to just breathe and experience a different air. I will update you on what happens when it happens.

My health and fitness journey has been ok to say the least but not to my liking . Mostly I have been doing calisthenics and some dumbbell exercises to tone and strengthen my upper body. I am seeing some changes in my musculature in the upper body but I know I need to work my legs / abs and do some intense cardio. And that time will come I am sure.

At this stage of my life I am taking it easy not because I am lazy as some would think but because that is what I am experiencing . And no one will understand it unless they have walked in these shoes. My experiences are not based on someone's' expectations of what I should be doing with my life. I walk the walk very lightly. I am 48 and at a turning point in my life. New career opportunities are out there for me to jump on and I am going to do that with the motivation and drive that I have built over the last 5 years . I know I could not do that if I was working a stressful 8 hour day. That was my past and I am looking forward to a more peaceful existence for the next 40 years of my life.

Next week will be a busy one and I may not update until I return from my trip to New York
Look for the update
Until next time

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My busy week

Hello all my readers,

This week of June 1 starts with my thoughts focused on getting ready for my visit to the doctor at my local VA Hospital. I have to see my therapist and my eye doctor on the same day.
The eye appointment was canceled from the 4th until tomorrow which I did not want because the appointments are spread so far apart (one in the morning and one in the afternoon ).

I do take the public transportation which has something left to be desired schedule-wise. So I am preparing how my day is going to proceed tomorrow morning Ugh.

Based on the events that took place on the May 19. I have accident claim forms to fill out and I need to revise my accident account to put in my newly created folder. Boy I do understand why most people are so stressed with the claim and court proceeding involved in getting compensated for physical and emotional damages that occurred in the accident.

Challenges that make me that stronger person I need to be to face bigger challenges. And I have been scheduled by the hospital to see my therapist every two weeks ,so I do need to make them especially since my latest incident, which was the accident on May 19. I am going to call or research the proceedings that take place with medical bills obtained from another hospital to process my medical claim. 
Well if I may finish this blog the rest of the week was very busy -I did go to the therapist only to find that he is leaving for a better job and I am going to a closer facility that will take some stress out of the scenario. 
That is good although in the process I will have yet another doctor. But that is the price of getting free medical service from the government. Based on the rules and regulations of the VA hospital I will have to wait until they contact me by mail to let me know when to make a appointment. It is somewhat inconvenient but I am blessed to have the medical insurance based on my past health issues. 

On a better note  Saturday I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate one of the  friend's graduation and getting his doctorate in Genetics . We call him Dr. Phil since is first name is Phil. We had a great time where we ate dinner and explored the neighborhood where the restaurant was and came upon this art gallery where there were artists that drew on the fly live models and got their timed finished products  judged upon by the artists that were present. It was a enlightening and educational experience.  It is considered an eclectic and artsy neighborhood so it was not a surprise to see this.

I am finishing up my class for the quarter. This is  my last week and I am not sure what class it will be.I have two more classes to take and I will be graduating with a Master's of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Health Information Systems. I have to talk to my advisor again since I did not write down the class numbers Shucks.
I am not sure where this will take me but I am confident things will work themselves out. It always does.
I will continue to go to therapy on a regular basis since the accident has produced a whole new set of issues with me to work thru.

My other issues remain that need to be worked out which I will not go into at the moment. They have their  own story and place in blogs to come.
My exercise and health is improving although since it is getting warmer here , there will be no excuse to workout at my gym instead of working out at home which never worked out well for me. I need a new scale to record my weight loss although every time I go to the doctor it shows weight gain instead weigh loss Yikes.

Good luck on my future accomplishments although I don't think I will need it since I think based on the recent car accident I am being protected  by a guardian angel and there is a mission for me on this earth. It is maybe a future in my amateur writing who knows to record my life trials and tribulations 

Until next time

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another wake up call Part 2

I know my last blog concentrated on the accident itself and it now amazes me on how many personal injury lawyers contacted me by mail none by cell phone yet. Thank god I am alive to experience this. I am grateful and again humbled-still trying to find out what it (life ) all means . I do know that I will learn what those answers to my lingering questions are soon enough.
I am looking to get more correspondence as time goes on.

In the meantime I am enjoying and somewhat embracing the current experiences no matter how miniscule they are. It is funny how that seems to make sense at some point-that teaching and learning moment . And you go "oh that is what that means" Patience and humility are qualities of mine that are constantly being challenged along with my levels of anxiety .

I am going to see my therapist on the 4th to discuss my new experience and how it impacts my psyche. I am eager to speak on this since it has again lit that bulb in my head. Maybe telling me to be alert but not neurotic about future challenges yet to come.

I have come a long way since 2003 when my world fell apart Lots of insight and working on my physical , emotional and spiritual state. My experiences are similar with someone who has experienced exactly the same thing and maybe at the same time,but the reaction to these life experiences are much different which is where therapy has given me hope that things will get better.
I am still working on how I am going to approach my identity situation since my mom died and I have yet to grieve her death although I knew when I placed in the nursing home it was her final resting place. And my father has the answers to a lot of my questions regarding what I have questions about .
I have come to the conclusion that it may never take place since he is close to 90 and approaching the end of his life.

My physical health is avg. but better. I am working out at home with dumbbells and my ab wheel along with doing calisthenics . It helps although I need to be more consistent,which is my biggest challenge. I think it has to do with the unfinished business I have concerning my identity.
I have seem some changes from my inconsistent workouts but not as fast as I want to materialize More definition but still have weight issues - patience is my friend ,ally and best supporter.

Until next time

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another wake up call

Hello all in cyberspace.

Here is another event that again changed my life , the day is Tues. the 19th of May that I speak of . I was excited about getting a new office chair and nothing really gave me any indication that my day would create another milestone on my journey thru life.

My old chair was great but very old and starting to wear to where I was seeing metal thorough the once-scotchgarded fabric. Of course the day was beautiful in the 70's I believe. Perfect day. I went to a warehouse that sold thousands of office chairs at prices that ranged from 30.00 to 700.00. I never thought a chair would be worth 700.00 but this is America right .

So after I bought the chair, it was loaded in the back seat of my friends car which was a 4-door sedan. I sat in the back seat with my new chair, eager to test it out at home. Then I guess about 5 minutes into the journey back home we were hit broadside by a vehicle. I do remember my driver swerving to avoid something and it hit us and shook the car with a horrific jolt. I was not knocked out but was in shock since it happened so fast and as I became aware of what happened my jaw started to hurt from the chair which hit me in the jaw as I later found out.

And the chair did sustain some damage. The impact broke one of the arm rests and bent the lower part of the other arm. To make a long story short . 911 was called by myself and checked on both of my passengers who were ok although we have lasting bruises that are irritating which is great since it could have been a lot worse based on the condition of the car after the accident.

I cannot comment on the conditions of the passengers although two of us went to the hospital to be treated and released later that day. Just to say that we are lucky the injuries were not more severe. I have jaw pain which involves taking a pain pill every 6 hours. This happens as Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.

Another blessing as I reflect upon this event. The message is there to enjoy the life you have whether it is not going as you think it should.

Until next time

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Journey continues

I can honestly say I am on the road to recovery-I am feeling so much better after the tragic events that took place 4-5 years ago . It is a memory but not painful. Anniversaries are hard but they happened and remain with me for a reason. This I believe is to learn life's lessons and become a stronger person physically ,emotionally and spiritually My spirituality is something so abstract as well as my emotions. But emotions create certain reactions both conscious and unconscious. I have learned thru therapy to control how I react to certain things that trigger strong emotions like losing loved ones, being uncertain about my identity and my future. It is scary and challenging to my psyche. Spirituality seems to be such an intangible entity but I know I have obtained all the tools from therapy to enhance my thinking about what that means and how it will affect my life from here on in.

I debate with myself with regard to what I did and where I was in my "former life" I was a working and law abiding man who was somewhat content with his life at that time. I had a car that I was barely able to afford and I was living with a person who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder-in laymen's terms he was clinically depressed. I dealt with the challenges that my choices created . I am that type of person that will take on a challenge that is handed to me, but will never impose that upon myself . Who will wantonly do that? Who will self-impose that kind of torture. Is it sadistic ? Is it neurotic. That is the mystery of how the human mind works.

It is fascinating to discover those things about myself and embrace them. I have had a lot of time on my hands since I am in school and not employed. My health is ok and as I get older (my birthday was May 14sedentary-My) I realize what my parents used to tell me about getting older
I am trying to get back in decent shape since I have became more sedentary-My motivation needs a tune up and it has to come from the inside. I can get all the outside positive reinforcement from my family and friends but I have to convince myself that it is the best thing to do. That darn anxiety that affects us all in one way or another seems to be my crutch along with my stubbornness that kills my motivation to almost zero.

Needless to say it is my biggest challenge to date. Most people that I tell this story to are either inspired or saddened or both . This is the walk I walk and I am talking about the experiences that have formed who I am as a human being.
My journey is not finished as we all will come to realize. I may be further along than some people in my age group but I had a lot of time to work on it.

Until next time

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey all my readers I am 48 as of this date my birth what a year I had. Interesting to say the least.

I had the" C "word scare cancer of the prostrate, was diagnosed on March 17 I. St patty's day
I had the biggest shock of my life when I was told this life change . It took awhile for it to sink in after he told me. I tend to minimize things for the sake of my state of mind. I have learned to repress my emotions for a better time to express them. Yeah that is smart.

Listen I am so very blessed to have the life I have now.
I am in a great relationship with my family and my friends. They have been there for me when I needed them. If you have read some of my blogs I have had a few rocky years but survived with some scars but no devastating wounds. I feel I am a stronger person because of this.
My health status is better but not where I want it to be. I am getting back on that fitness bandwagon slowly but surely. Lost some weight by observation and the way I feel body wise
The scales says something different even if I subtract 5 lbs for clothes. 172 lb. at 5'4 is over weight based on my BMI measurement. I am more muscular from doing home exercises(calisthenics) and using the Ab wheel. I am going to up the intensity by trying to do something everyday. I want to go back to my gym but it is a financial problem since I am an unemployed Master's Student. I do receive a refund check every three months based on when I take the class. Anyhow I am on the comeback trail Root for me and I will be feeling the vibes through Cyberspace.
I am becoming a twitter addict. At first I did not care for it now I am watching the feeds constantly it is very addictive as well as Face book. I dont access Face book that much since my tweets end up in my newsfeed on Face book. I am not sure I like this but I have to watch my banter and words since it is transferred over to my Face book account.

I have become a writer of my life accounts and how they tie in into one's life. I have been given the opportunity to write for an online ezine called MobileLIfeToday
One article concentrated on my Prostate Cancer scare and how I dealt with that and then I became passionate about men focusing on getting tested since I dodged a bullet — they caught it in its early stages. And if it was not for the rectal exam and the blood test I would be still carrying this silent killer which strikes men over 40 and it is concentrated in the African American culture. It is a slow growing cancer and usually it is asymptomatic until one is in his 60 or 70's and some research shows that it then becomes symptomatic , unfortunately it may have spread to other organs. This is motivation for writing the article.
I know I am being protected by guardian angels and guided in the right direction that will enhance my quantity of life for years to come.
I will be embarking on job searches and career preparation in the coming months since my anticipated date of graduation is December of this year. Wish me luck on this journey.

Until next time

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Quiet Respite

Hello all I am sorry I have not written on my blog for awhile-Life sort of gets in the way of that.
I am still in school finishing up my classes for a Master's in Information Technology. I am still amazed on how I am progressing in many areas of my life. Months come and go as well as those anniversaries that were significant in my recovery,for example my mom and best friend 's passing which was very hard on my mind ,body and spirit.

My prostate cancer event was the most current challenge I had to face and due to my ability to minimize the shock of having cancer it sparked an aggressive or more assertive quality that I did not know I had. To make a long story short I was diagnosed March 17,2008, started radiation treatments in July and finished my treatments in September-A total of 54 days every weekday. So at this time it is a little over a year since my diagnosis. I have been going to most of my scheduled appts. for other health issues that I have and focus on my life going forward. This is my period of quiet respite-brand new year with a whole new set of challenges

Until next time

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patty Anniversary

Hey all

This is a very significant anniversary for me since on this date last year i was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and now I am unofficially in remission.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Captain Kirk's Mac experience

A twitter follower has a ezine that I am interested in and after I made the statement that there was no men's articles at all on anything . He mentioned to me to submit an article on men's issues by the 23rd of this month. So I am brainstorming on what to write about.

I am finishing up my class for this quarter and I will have time (about a week) to think about a topic and write up to 500 words on a subject that involves some pertinent men issues.
I think I got one off the top of my head and I will not reveal it yet since I am apt to change my mind,so I will keep it a "secret". I am kind of pumped about it. My first piece of published work-no big deal right.

I am becoming more familiar with my new Mac book Pro and I am still in love with my new toy
I learning more about the machine and how it works in reference to Windows PC . I still have my PC for basic files and I am still trying to get all of my important files onto my Mac. I am being somewhat cautious based on my first experience with my New Mac which happened on the 8th of February.

I went to the Apple Store here in Cleveland and I got a very different feel walking in there.
There seems to be a sort of camaraderie there and to add when I bought it I was congratulated when I told them that this computer was my very first. They were very polite in asking me if I minded if they went through the routine which I think they do for all first time Mac users and buyers. Truly a nice feeling. I guess that for the price you pay for their products they should provide a little moral support along with any technical help that may come up highly unlikely right?

Well I bought it for 2k and took it home and it developed problems after the third day I had it
and then I bought it back for them to tell me after they looked at it, that it was a hardware issue.

I wont go into details but it was inoperable after the problems developed. They allegedly fixed it and I took it back home only to have the problem repeat itself which of course gave me anxiety based on what I went thru with my 7 year old Compaq laptop. I did take it back and after talking with the reps there I was presented with a new model and was again a satisfied customer and to this day I am happy with it. I am connecting to a lot of Mac users and watching mac tutorials on the Apple site and other various sites including mac forums and you tube videos on different things I could do on my Mac book and with the operating system which is Macosx Leopard 10.5-

And as I write this Apple is working on their new OS upgrade Snow Leopard 10.6 which I probably wont get since it is not free.

That is all I can think of right now

So until next time

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Notes from a Mac Newbie

Hello all

I am still testing my new Mac and it is working great I am still a little taken back about what it can do. I have been reviewing a lot of Youtube Mac tutorials and even set up a google alert to notify me by email when anything about my Macbook Pro comes available from any news source or blog. I am guess I am somewhat happy since I am not as frustrated as I was when I had my PC.

It was old (7 years old) and starting to show the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)which was a little too much for my taste. I have to admit I did contribute to the problem by downloading tons of unneeded software. And for your tech geeks out there you know what happens to a PC 's stability when that scenario materializes and besides my Compaq Presario was running a Mac emulator (basically hacked system files to emulate a Mac's appearance and some functions.) It compromised my memory which had a mere 256mb capacity with a hard disk capacity of 20 gb .

Wow such a weird thing to see and hear especially since I got this new mac which has 2 gb of memory with a disk capacity of 256 gb . Quite a difference huh!

I will keep this updated as new things happen in my life as a new Mac user.

Until next time

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MY first Mac Cont.

Hello all
I dont know where I left off but I think I was feeling the elation from buying my first Mac
I have had it for ten days unofficially due to having to make an exchange three days after I bought the first one. 

The Mac experience is just what every seasoned Mac user says it is"That once you go with a Mac you never turn back" And this is she, my great macbook pro. I am still learning the ropes and fascinated about what it can do. I am going to be using the installed apps instead of jumping on that download wagon, it always does me in. and before I have limited disk space so i will watch it.
I am looking forward to not having those system crashes that started to increase in frequency on my p.c. 
I am can say I am genuinely happy 

Now I am wondering how I am going to get the rest of files off my pc instead of taking it in to a technician to get them. The pics and documents are of a private nature only for my eyes only. So that option is out.

I am going to keep my PC just for that very purpose I guess. I do have a thumbdrive but I am not sure  if is compatible with my new Mac since they are files made on the window platform.
I will figure it out. 

My health is ok lately since my prostate cancer scare-I just got through a slight cold which lasted a total of 2.5 days-I nipped it in the bud with Zicam and green tea. I think I am going to go back to the gym at some point in the meantime I am working out here in my apt. 
I have to stay focused on one thing at a time. I am jumble of feelings right now since I got this macintosh.
I can't explain how blessed I am at this very moment to be able to experience the events that have taken place in the last 5 years since I my life changed so drastically.
I guess I dont give myself enough time to think about it-There are many fleeting thoughts and subsequent sadness. Only lasts for a short time-I am aware of the triggers but try to stay focused on my future goals 
I am going to stop there
Until next time


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first Mac

On Feburary 8 I purchased a Macbook Pro laptop and it was long time overdue . I did my research on buying the Mac due to the frustration I was having with my PC (Compaq Presario Laptop) now 7 years old and fading fast. So I decided that it became more of a necessity than a luxury to have a new computer. My rationalization came from my status as a online Master's student at Capella  Univeristy . So I am excited and finally picked out one that I liked and would have the features that I desire. I needed  a faster and more reliable computer just for school work and my email and general internet surfing. 
I purchased it at a Apple Store and bought it home and it worked fine for three days and then suddenly it went to sleep and never came out of sleep so I "cold booted" it I will update you more maybe tomorrow on my Macintosh story

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Year of Renewal

With the beginning of a year of layoffs ,mergers and economic and financial crises,
we needed a change and we are at the beginning of that era where I think it will be a slow but deliberate one I have had a rocky year due to being diagnosed with prostate cancer in March of last year -another wake up call to remind me how precious life is . I am learning more about myself as I get older . I have been unemployed for at least 5 years but been busy with school online.
I decided to take a break when I got the above diagnosis to deal physically and mentally with this new challenge
I am elated and embracing our new African American president Barack Obama -I am confident he will slowly but surely bring us out of this deep black hole the country is in. I am concerned it is going to get worse before it get better. So I have been told. I just have to monitor closely the progress the our new president is making in his first 100 days in office. He is not wasting any time with crucial issues and I am sure he will address everything that he mentioned in his campaign for the presidency. Patience is going to be something society will have to depend on since we are in a deep recession.
There will opinions from all sorts of people including the media on what should be done based on their idea of what is a priority. And that is normal. No one person or group in this world we live in will be satisfied totally with how government is handling certain issues. It is a fact of life in this century. That is why we have the power of voting -use the power that you have as a citizen to make a change.

A wave will settle down on the believers and non-believers that this change will be the best thing that has happened to this country and our international allies. Lots of work to be done.

On a personal note I am back in school and did pass my fall class which was for the second time around and in the middle of another one that I had to take again. A real difficult one but I have a jump start since the curriculum and textbooks are the same as last year when I took it.

My personal health is OK I am taking medications for various things which I wont divulge at this time. I am concentrating more on my health since I have gotten older,hence the diagnosis of cancer in March. My laid back attitude sometimes gets the best of me since I don't overtly show my emotions . They are automatically shifted to a safe space in my psyche for my own protection and I deal with it as I need to. Luckily I have time to set aside to deal with those issues -And I am appreciative of this time.

I have been working since I was 18 and never gave myself anytime to ponder personal issues. grieve tragic losses in my life and work on myself,emotionally ,physically and spiritually. Now I have the time and it is productive since I feel I am a much stronger person.
I am working out more at my home and at my local gym -not to the extent that I want but I know I will eventually get that level of satisfaction that I use to feel once I accomplished my goals whatever they maybe.

This my blog for the new year I will try to update this more but I am and will be busy trying to complete my master studies -so bear with me

Until next time
Captain Kirk

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking Forward

This is turning out to be a great year -I am better this year than I have been in the previous ones
I think I might be getting closer to attaining that peace of mind that I have longed for since 2003 when everything in my life at that time unraveled . If you have been following my blogs inconsistent as they maybe ,you will know what I am refering to. I am not saying that there wont be more challenges but I do wonder if it would be better to know for the sake of preparation and bracing for the consequences from my actions and reactions Yeah I know it is psychobabble forgive me.
This year has not had any big surprising events that I can speak of . I am getting the hang of how my 5 year computer works even better than before. It could be that I spend more time online with checking and responding to my email and going to school online. My Masters will be in Information Technology which I will get from Capella University -I have at least another year to go due to failing two classes last year about this time I just finished one last month and recieved a A and now the current one willl be challenging but I know I can do it.
My family and friends have been fair,supportive and understanding that is why I know that I have had guardian angels with me since I was born. I have developed a beautiful relationship with my brother since my Mom died in 2005 and I have yet to grieve her death.
Life does suck in that you have to watch your Mom and Dad get old and eventually pass on. This is what makes us who we are today. I think if more people realized and acknowlegded this earlier in life it would be more simple? Yeah right.
As far as getting back in shape it is coming slowly but surely I am seeing my musculature coming back although I need to get rid of my spare tire I am glad to be back on track . It will be a slow crawl for me I am pacing myself and thinking long and hard about my future maybe in the next five years.
The economy doesnt have that much impact on me since I was unemployed long before it got this bad . I lost my source of transporation in 2003 so I did not get affected by the high gas prices. I depend on public transportation most of the time unless I get a ride by someone. I am not a person to ask for help unless I am in dire need of it.
The frigid temperatures has hindered my drive even more than before -challenging my low state of motivation. Inconsistency seems to be my middle name. It has been a issue in my life ever since I started working. I found out later it was from depression that has been repressed for as long as I can remember. Behavioral and cognitive therapy has been also a part of my recovery -without it I think things would be drastically different.
I will end there and let this simmer
Until next time
The Captain

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