Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back in School

Hello all

I am sorry for the long delay in posting- I have been contemplating what I would like my readers to know about me. I know I only have a few but would like to get more. I crave for the feedback . I even posted a youtube video of myself to test out the software and it gave me the opportunity to analyze my presentation.
I did get some info regarding blog etiquette and found out that I am doing it wrong So I will try to keep updated at least on a weekly basis and stick to a single subject. Be consistent is one of my challenges and I am working on that

Here we go I am back in school and starting my 4th week. THis is my final class before graduation and I am excited as well as anxious about my future after school. I am planning to go back to get my Master's in Exercise Science at a online college named Cal U. I have petitioned for graduation from Capella U. and the ceremony will take place in Minneapolis MN where my it is based, so I have a lot to consider just in preparation for graduation.

On a lighter note ,I just received my invite from Google Wave and I am excited to learn more about it and how it will revolutionize communication and collaboration on the Internet. or in the "cloud"
So far I have played around with the basic functions and visited some waves as well as joined in on some of them
It is fascinating to watch someone type in real time as was stated in regards to the many features this new service has
I am sure it will just get better -there is tons of tutorials on how to navigate thru this application if that is the correct term for it. Stay Tuned to my experiences regarding The Wave .

From a health standpoint I am feeling better and I am still getting my workouts in but not as regular as I would like I am using a lot of the material I get from fitness tweeters that I follow in addition to watching you tube videos on health and fitness. from some of the same people that I follow on Twitter.

Diet is improving and I am feeling better due to cutting back on sodium laden foods. I am going to see my doctor for a checkup in December to determine if I still need a stricter diet and exercise modification or resort to prescribed medications for high blood pressure . I have been eating more fruits an vegetables and I have nuts either with my meals or between meals for a snack.

Still that work in progress

I am signing off for now

Until next time



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