Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patty Anniversary

Hey all

This is a very significant anniversary for me since on this date last year i was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and now I am unofficially in remission.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Captain Kirk's Mac experience

A twitter follower has a ezine that I am interested in and after I made the statement that there was no men's articles at all on anything . He mentioned to me to submit an article on men's issues by the 23rd of this month. So I am brainstorming on what to write about.

I am finishing up my class for this quarter and I will have time (about a week) to think about a topic and write up to 500 words on a subject that involves some pertinent men issues.
I think I got one off the top of my head and I will not reveal it yet since I am apt to change my mind,so I will keep it a "secret". I am kind of pumped about it. My first piece of published work-no big deal right.

I am becoming more familiar with my new Mac book Pro and I am still in love with my new toy
I learning more about the machine and how it works in reference to Windows PC . I still have my PC for basic files and I am still trying to get all of my important files onto my Mac. I am being somewhat cautious based on my first experience with my New Mac which happened on the 8th of February.

I went to the Apple Store here in Cleveland and I got a very different feel walking in there.
There seems to be a sort of camaraderie there and to add when I bought it I was congratulated when I told them that this computer was my very first. They were very polite in asking me if I minded if they went through the routine which I think they do for all first time Mac users and buyers. Truly a nice feeling. I guess that for the price you pay for their products they should provide a little moral support along with any technical help that may come up highly unlikely right?

Well I bought it for 2k and took it home and it developed problems after the third day I had it
and then I bought it back for them to tell me after they looked at it, that it was a hardware issue.

I wont go into details but it was inoperable after the problems developed. They allegedly fixed it and I took it back home only to have the problem repeat itself which of course gave me anxiety based on what I went thru with my 7 year old Compaq laptop. I did take it back and after talking with the reps there I was presented with a new model and was again a satisfied customer and to this day I am happy with it. I am connecting to a lot of Mac users and watching mac tutorials on the Apple site and other various sites including mac forums and you tube videos on different things I could do on my Mac book and with the operating system which is Macosx Leopard 10.5-

And as I write this Apple is working on their new OS upgrade Snow Leopard 10.6 which I probably wont get since it is not free.

That is all I can think of right now

So until next time

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Notes from a Mac Newbie

Hello all

I am still testing my new Mac and it is working great I am still a little taken back about what it can do. I have been reviewing a lot of Youtube Mac tutorials and even set up a google alert to notify me by email when anything about my Macbook Pro comes available from any news source or blog. I am guess I am somewhat happy since I am not as frustrated as I was when I had my PC.

It was old (7 years old) and starting to show the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)which was a little too much for my taste. I have to admit I did contribute to the problem by downloading tons of unneeded software. And for your tech geeks out there you know what happens to a PC 's stability when that scenario materializes and besides my Compaq Presario was running a Mac emulator (basically hacked system files to emulate a Mac's appearance and some functions.) It compromised my memory which had a mere 256mb capacity with a hard disk capacity of 20 gb .

Wow such a weird thing to see and hear especially since I got this new mac which has 2 gb of memory with a disk capacity of 256 gb . Quite a difference huh!

I will keep this updated as new things happen in my life as a new Mac user.

Until next time


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