Saturday, September 27, 2008

My spin on the recent Presidental Debate

I watched the debate tonight and was very impressed with both candidates. I am still going to vote for Obama because I have always been a democrat and I think although he is young and inexperienced I believe he has integrity that is needed desparately in this nation. The issues that were discussed were pertinent to what the next president is going to face in the upcoming year.
Our nation is in a financial crisis and it looks like the taxpayer will have pay for the administration's mistakes 
The war in Iraq might be successful but many lifes have been  lost and families devastated by this issue
I am a veteran and understand what is required-orders are given and they have to be followed in spite of whether you agree or not We wer considered "government property" and there is a certain amount of honor , camaderie and patriotism affliated with serving your country. But based on the length of this war and the cost of it, America has suffered and it will take at least two terms to even begin to put a dent in the trillion dollar deficit that has been manufactured by the war combined with bad decisions and strategies.
No matter if Obama is inexperience and young -change needs to be made or we are going to implode as a society and a nation 
John McCain is very experienced in foriegn and military issues and that was implemented strongly in his debate to tear down Obama's rhetoric. 
Overall I think it was a powerful debate and they both were confident in their delivery in answering the facilatators questions 
Any one care to comment on this feel free

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