Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first Mac

On Feburary 8 I purchased a Macbook Pro laptop and it was long time overdue . I did my research on buying the Mac due to the frustration I was having with my PC (Compaq Presario Laptop) now 7 years old and fading fast. So I decided that it became more of a necessity than a luxury to have a new computer. My rationalization came from my status as a online Master's student at Capella  Univeristy . So I am excited and finally picked out one that I liked and would have the features that I desire. I needed  a faster and more reliable computer just for school work and my email and general internet surfing. 
I purchased it at a Apple Store and bought it home and it worked fine for three days and then suddenly it went to sleep and never came out of sleep so I "cold booted" it I will update you more maybe tomorrow on my Macintosh story

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