Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who I am

Who am I ? I am a 46 year old black male living in Cleveland pursueing a Master's Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Health Information Systems. I am a honorably discharrged Marine -onec a Marine,always a Marine. I am a amatuer bodybuilder on hiatus. Competed from 1989 on and off to 2002 where I had a slew of tragic events happen all at once . In 2003 a good friend of mine committed suicide and then in 2005 my mother passed. I am on that road to where my destiny lies -right now I am enrolled at a online college called Capella University pursuing the degree stated above. I am just taking things step by step until maybe I breathe my last breath. I am going through counseling to deal with the issues surrounding the events that I mentioned . This has allowed me to delve deep into my mind and uncover some repressed issue and events -it is my way to heal old and new wounds. I will keep this blog updated as much as I can with school and working on my search for my biological mom .
I will end there
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