Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making hard Life decisions

Hello all,

I am back with some news. that involves my current train of thought. I have decided to temporarily quit school due to the diagnosis of prostate cancer that I received on March 17. It was just too much to carry. It is best since it was affecting my concentration needed for my studies. I can always start back after I get through with the upcoming treatments-I am looking towards getting this overwith so I can get back to school this fall. I have to contact the school to let them know that I am taking a break.  In the meantime I will concentrate on other priorities in my life such as finding more about my biological mom, through the adoption network here in Cleveland, work on maybe getting employment (part-time) at the VA hospital to help with that void from taking a break from school, continuing to go to therapy at the VA hospital to work on myself physically, emotionally and spirtually. I am working out a little within my apt confines. I am lucky that I have a bench and a set of dumbbells in my possession just by accident they were left by former or current tenants that cannot use them or they moved out and could not take it with them. I just found out someone left a Weider multi-function exercise machine that I will use. Motivation should not be a problem since I have this available but it is easier said then done. Believe you don't want to be in my head. You have to experience what  I am experiencing and what I have experienced to understand -Directed towards those that have not had the same experience,looking from the outside in. Something to ponder on. 

I thank God everyday for my blessings -I am struggling but I have a great support system with family and friends-I am in a good spot to work on my issues that I mentioned in my blogs. I am not taken these things for granted. I am blessed and very appreciative. 

Until next time.


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