Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back in the saddle

Hello all 

I am writing this on a good note of course -On the last week of October I rejoined my gym and started back bodybuilding -I felt a new enthusiasm this time around -very much different from my last attempt to go back and back and back LOL -it was not working at all -last consistent workout was in January 

Since  then I have been doing workouts in my apartment with my exercise wheel and my incomplete set of dumbbells -not!

I hope this feeling stays -renewing motivation to get back in shape -A friend of mine is going to take some pictures of my progress when I am ready.

I do plan on getting a digital camera and maybe a new computer -I am in the process of getting my financial aid finalized  so we will see what happens . I am sore from my workouts thus far and that is normal -I like the progress I am seeing. I think it is time 

Until next time 


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Anonymous said...

Keep up the hard work! I'm only 18 and I've fallen off of exercise routines that I've laid out for myself before and it sucks having to get back to the "previous level" you were at, doesn't it?!
Wishing you the best.


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