Friday, December 5, 2008

My life thus far -Dec 5,2008

It has been a month since I last wrote. I am not sure if people are reading my blogs. I guess I should be more vigilant with keeping track and making sure that people are reading it .
Anyway I am going to try to transfer my blog to Facebook and see if I get any feedback.
So here is my update I am finally getting back into my old workout routine I joined up for two months at  a local gym on October 28 and it  will expire on the 28th of Dec -I do see some changes and I am feeling them as well. I am taking things day by day  and hope I can keep up the good work I am doing . It does feel good to work out and then additionally  see the fruits of my labor.

I am still a little chunkier than I want to be but it is a work in progress - I had hernia surgery in 2003 and I think it is affecting how I lose the weight around my midsection. I will increase my cardio on an incremental basis since yesterday was a trial and error situation . I did 15 min on the treadmill and 5 brutal min. on the step machine. Boy am I out of shape. 
My eating habits will have to change since I have become very lax in that area. I have been working out since 1984 consistently until 2002 when things started to fall apart for me emotionally and physically .
I know that challenges such as these come and are meant to be a lesson learned if you survive. 
It does make you a more cynical person. You have a different outlook on life when tragedy strikes.
Like I stated in my other blogs I have been blessed and I think destined for something much greater 
I just was contacted by a college buddy who was very generous and helpful when I was getting ready for a show back when I was in college in addition to be a true friend. That in itself is not a coincidence. I dont believe there are any coincidences in life . Everything happens for a reason. 
So this is it for now 
I will continue on this road and see where it may lead. 
Wish me luck

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