Saturday, January 24, 2009

Year of Renewal

With the beginning of a year of layoffs ,mergers and economic and financial crises,
we needed a change and we are at the beginning of that era where I think it will be a slow but deliberate one I have had a rocky year due to being diagnosed with prostate cancer in March of last year -another wake up call to remind me how precious life is . I am learning more about myself as I get older . I have been unemployed for at least 5 years but been busy with school online.
I decided to take a break when I got the above diagnosis to deal physically and mentally with this new challenge
I am elated and embracing our new African American president Barack Obama -I am confident he will slowly but surely bring us out of this deep black hole the country is in. I am concerned it is going to get worse before it get better. So I have been told. I just have to monitor closely the progress the our new president is making in his first 100 days in office. He is not wasting any time with crucial issues and I am sure he will address everything that he mentioned in his campaign for the presidency. Patience is going to be something society will have to depend on since we are in a deep recession.
There will opinions from all sorts of people including the media on what should be done based on their idea of what is a priority. And that is normal. No one person or group in this world we live in will be satisfied totally with how government is handling certain issues. It is a fact of life in this century. That is why we have the power of voting -use the power that you have as a citizen to make a change.

A wave will settle down on the believers and non-believers that this change will be the best thing that has happened to this country and our international allies. Lots of work to be done.

On a personal note I am back in school and did pass my fall class which was for the second time around and in the middle of another one that I had to take again. A real difficult one but I have a jump start since the curriculum and textbooks are the same as last year when I took it.

My personal health is OK I am taking medications for various things which I wont divulge at this time. I am concentrating more on my health since I have gotten older,hence the diagnosis of cancer in March. My laid back attitude sometimes gets the best of me since I don't overtly show my emotions . They are automatically shifted to a safe space in my psyche for my own protection and I deal with it as I need to. Luckily I have time to set aside to deal with those issues -And I am appreciative of this time.

I have been working since I was 18 and never gave myself anytime to ponder personal issues. grieve tragic losses in my life and work on myself,emotionally ,physically and spiritually. Now I have the time and it is productive since I feel I am a much stronger person.
I am working out more at my home and at my local gym -not to the extent that I want but I know I will eventually get that level of satisfaction that I use to feel once I accomplished my goals whatever they maybe.

This my blog for the new year I will try to update this more but I am and will be busy trying to complete my master studies -so bear with me

Until next time
Captain Kirk

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