Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exercise Adherence-What does it mean?

Adherence means in my opinion, creating and committing to a passion even if it poses great challenges and of course exercise ,whether it is hourly ,daily ,weekly or god forbid monthly, will with some consistency bring about positive changes in the body in a holistic fashion. 

Why is it so hard to commit to something that we all know will change our lives for the better. The intent is always there. Just talk to someone about health and fitness in reference to exercise and they will state they have the intent but not the drive.

 To rationalize that argument they stated various reasons why they cannot exercise , "No Time" is the usual   excuse for why they cannot become involved or committed.

Warm weather or designated dates have a way of calling attention to the importance of achieving healthy fitness levels for ourselves and our families.
Many of us have  spent at least the better part of our previous two or three seasons making the attempt and fallen short.

According to Adam Stone ,a writer for William Penn Life ( June 2012)
“Understanding the science of exercise is important for every single person participating in a fitness program”. 

One consideration is exercise referral, which is the practice of referring the person from primary care to a qualified exercise professional who uses relevant medical information about the person to develop tailored programs of physical activity usually lasting from 10 – 12 weeks. 

The purpose is to increase opportunities for exercise but the access to facilities & activities in the notion that it will encourage long-term exercise behavior can become a tricky situation
It could turn into a very complex issue for the person who has been referred by their doctor or  another health professional. Studies are still inconclusive as to how effective this practice is.

What is your opinion on the relationship between exercise adherence and referrals from your doctor?

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