Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Post Graduate Experience from College

I am not real sure why I have this fear of failure but I have been trying to repress this feeling  and it always rears it ugly head when I get into situations that may trigger it such as what happened with my last job situation in 2011 beginning on Halloween Day

I am a recent graduate from a online college. I just earned my Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from California University. It was a intense  year-long Master’s program with a Post-graduate NASM certification  Afterwards I got some tips that several places were hiring ,and I took the first job opportunity where for all intensive purposes was the perfect job in reference to location and the type of job I was applying for.

I went through two interviews (one was via the phone and the other was in person) . As far as I know both  of the interviews went fine. Subsequently I was set to role play an intake session with one of the trainers at the facility and it went ok , he indicated what I am lacking in and it was duly noted. I needed to brush up my marketing and sales strategy skills .

 Ok so I was told that I will be contacted by the owners to set up a time to shadow a trainer so that I can find my “niche” therefore i will be matched with potential clients based on my marketing and sales skills. The first week passed with no notification from them , I then proceeded to contact them via email and phone and got no reply from them. The second week I proceeded to do the same thing and still no response.  So I just figured I was written off because for some” unknown reason “ I was not the perfect fit for their  company. Maybe I was overqualified since I just earned my second Master’s,(my other was a Master of Science  in Information Technology)

This was a wake up call and lesson for me since it has been several years since I worked and I know there has been changes in the world of the employed. Some changes are good as well as bad. - The message I get from this is timing is everything and you must keep your expectations high in spite on what may happen in the process of looking and securing a job. It could of been my worst case scenario but I doubt that. I was quite bitter ,embarrassed and  confused for a long time but I am still actively looking and I am sure that great job will come as long as I am vigilant in my search.

Thanks for reading

Unitl next time

Kirk Fontaine
The unemployed but content Personal Trainer :)

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