Friday, May 9, 2008

Dying for lack of insurance

Take a look at this article and wonder how this can happen in the richest nation in the world -Men and women dying from cancer and just because they has no insurance to help them get the more advanced services that will increase their quality of life.
Which brings me to my update on my health status.
I went to see the oncologist on Thursday and gave him my choice of treatment  which is radiation treatments which will consist of lasers that will pinpoint and kill the tumor in my prostate gland
I am going to start on May 27 to get measured for  the procedure and they will perform a cat scan to determine where the lasers will concentrate on.
Then in 8-10 days after I will start the treatments which will span over a 9 week period, 5 days a week at the VA Hospital in my town . I am grateful based on this article that I am a veteran that is receiving  free medical services. -without it I will be up the creek with no paddle.

Mark Windsor looks exhausted. For a week he's been undergoing radiation treatment on a cancerous tumor in his neck. A metal rod fused to his spine keeps his head stable. His muscles there are gone, the result of multiple failed surgeries to rid him of his disease. He can't turn his head sideways or look up or down. So his look stays fixed, despite his fatigue.

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