Monday, May 12, 2008

The journey to my health and fitness goals

I have been out of sorts lately waiting for the ball to drop ,whatever that means to the occasional reader. I did on last week ,don't quite remember what day but I did go down and workout on a bow-flex type of exercise machine that was left by someone that did not want it anymore and was again exhilarated by those endorphins that surge throughout  your body after an intense workout . I do miss it but my motivation sucks at this point- it frustrates me to the nth degree.

 Bodybuilding,  health and fitness is my love and I will get back on track but I know it will take time to get where I think I should be. Looking  at my profile picture keeps my motivation at least active but not to the degree to keep me moving towards my goal -I use a diet software program call Diet Power that I think I mentioned in previous posts to chart my exercise and diet daily. It is more the diet than the exercise that I record on a daily basis -I know there is an error factor in what I record in reference to the calories I ingest and record in the program but I know from how I feel that it is close to what I am recording. I drink green tea every day mostly in the morning and eat oatmeal at least 5days every week. My overall diet could be improved but it is very easy to veer off course since I am not competing at this point . I know timing is a factor in what is going to take place as far as those goals I speak of. 

On that note a very good friend of mine that lives in the same apt complex that I stay in  has presented a challenge within to workout and improve my physique with the equipment that remains in the basement of our apt. complex and he is going to help me with taking some digital pictures of my physique to give me additional motivation to achieve those goals. I know I need to slim down my abdominal area to an acceptable level that I set for myself using the pics of my pre-contest and competition photos that I posted on some of my blogs and websites. I thank him in advance for that challenge. I told him and the rest of my unknown readers that I have many challenges that I would not rather deal with but I am always ready to take them on. 

Wish me luck on my latest challenge 

Until next time


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