Monday, December 8, 2008

My night out

My night out last night was special -I went to a Holiday festival  which involves museums and some organizations dealing with arts and music -Although it was bone chilling cold I enjoyed myself and then I went to dinner and had a Hungarian dish (chicken papakrish(Sp) at a Hungarian restaurant with friends 

It was nice to do this since I always get very anxious when it deals with social functions. I lighten the load by taking some prescribed anti-anxiety pills -it helps a lot. 

I think things are getting better for me- I am feeling better overall, I have started back working out at the gym that I am a member of. I have been going on an avg. 4 days a week which is good considering where I was a year ago. Looking to Christmas and the new year. -especially the January 20th inauguration of Barack Obama. 

This is a short but significant post -I will try to keep one going everyday 

Trial and error.

Until next time


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