Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evaluating my upcoming summer

It has been awhile since I posted I do apologize to those who read my blogs-I finished up school on the 12th of June and I will take two more classes starting on July 12 to finish up for graduation-the school wants me to take two classes ,but I know I can only take one class at a time based on the class structure. It works better for me if I take one class at a time.

The accident chapter that I have been focusing on is not much of a chapter to write on. It is not going to amount to much compensation for me since I was not injured severely.

I am still going to therapy and as an unemployed veteran I have no choice but to take the care they deliver,which is great and I feel blessed to have this service available. I am now going to see another therapist later on next week and also going to New York that same week for a few days to just breathe and experience a different air. I will update you on what happens when it happens.

My health and fitness journey has been ok to say the least but not to my liking . Mostly I have been doing calisthenics and some dumbbell exercises to tone and strengthen my upper body. I am seeing some changes in my musculature in the upper body but I know I need to work my legs / abs and do some intense cardio. And that time will come I am sure.

At this stage of my life I am taking it easy not because I am lazy as some would think but because that is what I am experiencing . And no one will understand it unless they have walked in these shoes. My experiences are not based on someone's' expectations of what I should be doing with my life. I walk the walk very lightly. I am 48 and at a turning point in my life. New career opportunities are out there for me to jump on and I am going to do that with the motivation and drive that I have built over the last 5 years . I know I could not do that if I was working a stressful 8 hour day. That was my past and I am looking forward to a more peaceful existence for the next 40 years of my life.

Next week will be a busy one and I may not update until I return from my trip to New York
Look for the update
Until next time

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