Friday, July 3, 2009

In a New York Minute

I had the best experience starting last Friday I rode to New York with some friends just to get a sense of a different air. I am from Cleveland Ohio and based on my history it was needed. I have not been to New York since the 9 /11 tragedy and wanted to see the site where it all took place. I did not get to see the site but it was not necessary. Since I was overwhelmed by the New York Scene -what a culture shock. I realized that I did not have the same emotional reaction that I did years ago before the the 9/11 tragedy. I did eat in the restaurant called the "Windows of the World " in the WTC with a friend whose birthday was on the day we ate there. So there is emotional attachment there.

Coming in to the city from the highway there was this haze lying over the skyline sans the Twin Towers. Another emotional moment for me. I was so excited that I did not sleep the whole 8 hrs I was on the road.

After we arrived and rented a parking garage space for 3 days It houses cars for a long as you want .
We did hook up with our hosts who welcomed us into their house which was in the city of Mahattan -Walking through the city in the early morning hours was electric- I was the typical tourist looking at all the magnificant bulidings that makes New York the international city that it is quoted to be and watching New Yorkers go through there daily grind -it was a different energy that I haven't felt in a while. I have traveled to many sites in the US but I was younger and did not appreciate the experience of being in a different city.

We walked and walked throughout the city. I visited many popular sites including the park that is facing the Hudson River and our guide pointed out where the Plane landed (cant recall the flight number) where all the people survived due to the Pilot's excellent landing on the water.
Toured Times Square and walked through the theater district . Truly fascinating.

As far as exercise is concerned I am sure I got enough of it -losing weight in the process.
Not sure how much since my scale is on the fritz at home.

I was tired but was too hyped to sleep the whole three days- I did rest and was back the following morning to hit the pavement to tour more sites. We did not take in any movies, theater performances etc. Just toured the famous sites that I spoke of earlier and ate at a place called The City Diner and a great Italian restaurant that had fab pizza and pasta -Homemade of course.

I am glad that I experienced this because it gave me a greater appreciation for the city although the cost of living is high it is a great city to live in. It is booming with electricity literally 24 hours a day. -the city that never sleeps

I might go back in August and will probably stay longer because there is so much more I want to experience. For those of your that have never been in New York please go -it is a eye opener
I have a new energy that I needed to face the challenges that I am currently dealing with and those yet to come.

Speaking of that I went yesterday to get a blood test to detect my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level to see how my prostate gland is functioning after my radiation therapy for prostate cancer. I will see my oncologist on the 8th to review the results -Update to follow

Until next time

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