Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My busy week

Hello all my readers,

This week of June 1 starts with my thoughts focused on getting ready for my visit to the doctor at my local VA Hospital. I have to see my therapist and my eye doctor on the same day.
The eye appointment was canceled from the 4th until tomorrow which I did not want because the appointments are spread so far apart (one in the morning and one in the afternoon ).

I do take the public transportation which has something left to be desired schedule-wise. So I am preparing how my day is going to proceed tomorrow morning Ugh.

Based on the events that took place on the May 19. I have accident claim forms to fill out and I need to revise my accident account to put in my newly created folder. Boy I do understand why most people are so stressed with the claim and court proceeding involved in getting compensated for physical and emotional damages that occurred in the accident.

Challenges that make me that stronger person I need to be to face bigger challenges. And I have been scheduled by the hospital to see my therapist every two weeks ,so I do need to make them especially since my latest incident, which was the accident on May 19. I am going to call or research the proceedings that take place with medical bills obtained from another hospital to process my medical claim. 
Well if I may finish this blog the rest of the week was very busy -I did go to the therapist only to find that he is leaving for a better job and I am going to a closer facility that will take some stress out of the scenario. 
That is good although in the process I will have yet another doctor. But that is the price of getting free medical service from the government. Based on the rules and regulations of the VA hospital I will have to wait until they contact me by mail to let me know when to make a appointment. It is somewhat inconvenient but I am blessed to have the medical insurance based on my past health issues. 

On a better note  Saturday I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate one of the  friend's graduation and getting his doctorate in Genetics . We call him Dr. Phil since is first name is Phil. We had a great time where we ate dinner and explored the neighborhood where the restaurant was and came upon this art gallery where there were artists that drew on the fly live models and got their timed finished products  judged upon by the artists that were present. It was a enlightening and educational experience.  It is considered an eclectic and artsy neighborhood so it was not a surprise to see this.

I am finishing up my class for the quarter. This is  my last week and I am not sure what class it will be.I have two more classes to take and I will be graduating with a Master's of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Health Information Systems. I have to talk to my advisor again since I did not write down the class numbers Shucks.
I am not sure where this will take me but I am confident things will work themselves out. It always does.
I will continue to go to therapy on a regular basis since the accident has produced a whole new set of issues with me to work thru.

My other issues remain that need to be worked out which I will not go into at the moment. They have their  own story and place in blogs to come.
My exercise and health is improving although since it is getting warmer here , there will be no excuse to workout at my gym instead of working out at home which never worked out well for me. I need a new scale to record my weight loss although every time I go to the doctor it shows weight gain instead weigh loss Yikes.

Good luck on my future accomplishments although I don't think I will need it since I think based on the recent car accident I am being protected  by a guardian angel and there is a mission for me on this earth. It is maybe a future in my amateur writing who knows to record my life trials and tribulations 

Until next time

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