Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My New Year Plan

My New Year Plan

Hello all,

My new year plan includes preparing for graduation proceedings which includes paying fees for graduation, getting the application process finalized for my transition from Capella University to CAL U which is the online college I am transferring to, in order, to pursue my passion. I am going for a Masters In Exercise Science with Post Certification options. My goal is to get certified in Personal Fitness Training. which I did earlier in my life back when I was competing as a bodybuilder. I am planning to get back on the bandwagon as soon as possible , I am doing abbreviated workouts in my apartment with an exercise wheel , and using dumbbells and doing intense sets of calisthenics(push ups,crunches, burpees,etc)

I am hoping I have an even better year coming although this one ended very well for me with my graduation from Capella .and boy does that feel great to have made another accomplishment in my life.

To review the year 2009 in a nutshell.:

March 27 -Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

May 14Th -My Birthday

May 28 -involved in a car accident (no injuries very lucky)

July -started radiation therapy treatments for 45 weekdays until Sept 5,unofficially I am in remission. I will be seeing the oncologist on Jan 7 to review my blood test and the status of my condition.

December 11 -finished my Master’s Program in Information Technology

Things are going OK for me and I am confident that it will get better . I have also been thinking about how I am going to get certified in a tech field but I will ponder and research my options to make sure I make the right decision.

I will update you all as my situation changes

Have a safe and happy holiday

Until next time



Alexander M Zoltai said...

Congratulations on your rather "exciting" and definitely successful year!

May your Holiday Season be bright!!

See you on Wave!!!

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