Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year Thoughts

Hello all I have been waiting until more events materialize before I start blogging for the new year. My hope was to be preparing for my transition from one college degree to enrolling in another one to complete another degree. It is not happening unfortunately at least not until July when the summer term start at CAL U I have earned my Master's from Capella University in Information Technology as of December 12, 2009, and was getting ready for my start in another Master's Program in an online college called CAL U to pursue a degree in Exercise Science, but unfortunately I missed the application deadline. Because I believe that everything happens for a reason I am concentrating on other areas that are important in my life. such as family issues which I may or may not go into unless it is of an informational nature to the community at large(that would include email, Facebook and twitter contacts ) My heath and fitness goals remain the same but with little fluctuations happening over a period of time. Consistency seems to be an issue with me but I am working on it .Self awareness of how my subconscious mind affects my consciousness in order to be more consistent with following my passion which ,was and still is bodybuilding and everything that entails. I enrolled in a new year fitness initiative sponsored by the infamous Cleveland Clinic to enable some health facilities to offer a 90 day free membership and found out that it is already overwhelmed with ton of interested parties. So i might have to wait a little longer than I expected, In the meantime I am exercising with my standard equipment me, myself and I LOL I do have dumbbells ,and an exercise wheel for my midsection as well I did find there are tons of videos on how to exercise with just simple bodyweight exercises inside the home. That is right up my alley NO EXCUSES at all for naught doing something and most of these exercises dont require any expensive equipment. Just time ,preservation,motivation and focus are all that are needed. Use that God given gift to accomplish whatever your passion maybe
Until next time KIrk

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