Sunday, April 6, 2008

My weekend

Hello all
I am in a state of disbelief concerning my weekend ,specifically on friday and Saturday,
Friday I graduated from the program that I was a part of for the last 5 weeks which helped me with a lot of my issues with death and dying and the tragic events I went through. I got to talk to my brother who I have not heard from for at least 3 years since my mom died. I am still working on getting the gears churning again regarding finding out about my biological mom . I am dealing ok with my new diagnosis from St. Patrick's Day of Prostrate Cancer -As i mentioned it is in the early stages.
My other brother is going through a crisis of his own concerning his health and the loss of control of his immediate family. I can sympathize with him since I feel that same loss of control but I know have tools learned from therapy that I can use. I am in another frame of mind since graduating from this 4 week program. which was geared toward veterans who suffer from mental health issues. It gave me a new outlook of how I look at myself in reference to my existence and mission on this earth.
I am thankful and honored to be in this time and space to accomplish this mission that is yet to be defined.

Until next chapter

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