Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Wake up call

I just got more bad news concerning a friend of mine who has contracted cancer -quite devastating for me since I just started to deveelop  a relationship with him - I guess I am meant to take this as another opportunity to talk about my sickness which is less severre. He has a tumor on his spine which is going to take surgery and chemotherapy.. My tumor is in its early stages and very slow growing -told it will take years to grow under normal conditions (10-15yeas ) to produce symptoms.

on a ligther note I have started back to school online and I am jsut finishing my firest week
need to get my books soon -told the instructtor wating for a response. I am excited not so much for the class but for the number of people in the class. I was a class of one last quarter where I still have  a paper due which gave me an incomplete grade. I am going to the VA in Brecksville to a weekly group dealing with helping veterans with everday issues. I have a slew of appointments at the Wade Park VA -which include seeing a my primary doctor , a urologist and my psychiatrist. along with my oncologist to discuss what my choice for treatment is  of my canceroust tumor within my prostate gland. which is on the 24th .I am ready to get this process started no matter how miniiscule my tumor is- I cannot just take things for granted anymore. I am watching my diet and exercising more along with going to different functions outside my apt.
As I get more info on my progress I will update this blog -it serves as my journal and therapy at this point.
Until next time
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