Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Update on Health and Fitness

Hello all
I am feeling great this afternoon ,better than I was this morning. I did eat and workout at my place of residence -worked out on biceps and back along with doing my calisthenics  (push ups, sit ups and ab roller) I am getting more muscular but I know I need to do more intensive cardio and I should do some every day -I will try to get out and walk because I live across the street from a park and the Lake Erie is almost right at my door step -so there is no excuse since it is so close that I can touch it.

My update on my cancer diagnosis
Yesterday I went to see my urologist and we discussed what my decision will be when I see the oncologist on the 24th of April. If I decide to do surgery with will involve removal of my prostate gland m and that has consequences that I don't want to even consider at this point in my life.
My choice is to get the radiation treatments via laser,which is a new but proven method of getting rid of prostate cancer -I am anticipating that it will be starting in May once I talk to the doctors about my choice.

My brother is going through a procedure that involves a valve in his heart to be replaced -it is an out patient procedure - I will pray for him and wish for his quick recovery. Lord knows we are going through some trying times but we are fighters and we will always come out on the positive side of our challenges -We just don't know it at the time -learning experiences to share with others . Part of my mission is to deliver this wisdom and experience to others
I am blessed as I always have to remind myself of.
I will keep you all updated as things change over time.

No news is good news right ?

Until next time
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