Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Quiet Respite

Hello all I am sorry I have not written on my blog for awhile-Life sort of gets in the way of that.
I am still in school finishing up my classes for a Master's in Information Technology. I am still amazed on how I am progressing in many areas of my life. Months come and go as well as those anniversaries that were significant in my recovery,for example my mom and best friend 's passing which was very hard on my mind ,body and spirit.

My prostate cancer event was the most current challenge I had to face and due to my ability to minimize the shock of having cancer it sparked an aggressive or more assertive quality that I did not know I had. To make a long story short I was diagnosed March 17,2008, started radiation treatments in July and finished my treatments in September-A total of 54 days every weekday. So at this time it is a little over a year since my diagnosis. I have been going to most of my scheduled appts. for other health issues that I have and focus on my life going forward. This is my period of quiet respite-brand new year with a whole new set of challenges

Until next time

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