Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey all my readers I am 48 as of this date my birth what a year I had. Interesting to say the least.

I had the" C "word scare cancer of the prostrate, was diagnosed on March 17 I. St patty's day
I had the biggest shock of my life when I was told this life change . It took awhile for it to sink in after he told me. I tend to minimize things for the sake of my state of mind. I have learned to repress my emotions for a better time to express them. Yeah that is smart.

Listen I am so very blessed to have the life I have now.
I am in a great relationship with my family and my friends. They have been there for me when I needed them. If you have read some of my blogs I have had a few rocky years but survived with some scars but no devastating wounds. I feel I am a stronger person because of this.
My health status is better but not where I want it to be. I am getting back on that fitness bandwagon slowly but surely. Lost some weight by observation and the way I feel body wise
The scales says something different even if I subtract 5 lbs for clothes. 172 lb. at 5'4 is over weight based on my BMI measurement. I am more muscular from doing home exercises(calisthenics) and using the Ab wheel. I am going to up the intensity by trying to do something everyday. I want to go back to my gym but it is a financial problem since I am an unemployed Master's Student. I do receive a refund check every three months based on when I take the class. Anyhow I am on the comeback trail Root for me and I will be feeling the vibes through Cyberspace.
I am becoming a twitter addict. At first I did not care for it now I am watching the feeds constantly it is very addictive as well as Face book. I dont access Face book that much since my tweets end up in my newsfeed on Face book. I am not sure I like this but I have to watch my banter and words since it is transferred over to my Face book account.

I have become a writer of my life accounts and how they tie in into one's life. I have been given the opportunity to write for an online ezine called MobileLIfeToday
One article concentrated on my Prostate Cancer scare and how I dealt with that and then I became passionate about men focusing on getting tested since I dodged a bullet — they caught it in its early stages. And if it was not for the rectal exam and the blood test I would be still carrying this silent killer which strikes men over 40 and it is concentrated in the African American culture. It is a slow growing cancer and usually it is asymptomatic until one is in his 60 or 70's and some research shows that it then becomes symptomatic , unfortunately it may have spread to other organs. This is motivation for writing the article.
I know I am being protected by guardian angels and guided in the right direction that will enhance my quantity of life for years to come.
I will be embarking on job searches and career preparation in the coming months since my anticipated date of graduation is December of this year. Wish me luck on this journey.

Until next time

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