Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Update

Hello all

I will try to keep up with this blog so I can update my readers on my life events, if any at all

Well lets see I am still working on finding out about my new OS upgrade and it's incompatibilities and recently found out about my Photo Booth app which is obviously not compatible with my current OS Snow Leopard and found no documentation of it being incompatible ,so that was big shock. I took a screen shot of the error message that popped up when I tried to open it.and I will post it took a forum to see if I get a workaround until the new iteration or update releases itself to the public which from my research might be released as early as next week. Snow Leopard 10.6.1 to all my Mac Geeks out there

On my health and fitness journey to lose ,build and maintain , I have lost 5 lb. within the last month which is reflected from my diet change. I have cut down on my processed foods such as pizzas and other ready made foods. I have my staple oatmeal with fat free milk , along with green tea. I have in the last month included walnuts and blueberries to my breakfast as well
So I am glad with that progress.

I have doing more intense 10 minute routines which involve the whole body , either done in a circuit fashion or supersetting opposing muscle groups such as biceps and triceps , I have been doing an exercise that was used by Mike Rowe , the host of "Dirty Jobs "on the Discovery Channel, If anyone is interested in the link I will find it and send it or post it on the next blog entry . They are called 'burpees " and involves doing pushups, squat thrusts and plyometrics . I am up to 2 sets . They are very intense whole body excursus used originally by some prison inmates . So that is my staple morning routine outlined above.

I am coming up on my last week starting on Monday , My last day is on the 18th so I will be busy catching up . This class is a challenging one so needless to say I will be glad when it is over.
Then I will check out my next and final class which will start in October or November and I will be finished.
Then I hopefully will be done with researching the college (California University) which I will taking the Exercise Science program starting in January 2010
I will be updating you on the progress on this event

Stay Tuned
Until next time

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