Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wish listing

I wondering why I titled this post wish listing-I think I am brainstorming what will go on my wish list. Lets see Peace and harmony would be up there in my fav 5 along with holistic health and wellness.

I went to a friends school where she is a physical education teacher. There was an open house for family and friends of the students and staff. So me and my friend were invited.-I had a great time but it was melancholy in nature since I was a teacher''s aide for many years, the last 5 years between 1997-2002 consisted of working with emotionally challenged kids , seeing the kids perform at this presentation at my friend's school was sorta emotional.

I dont think I will work with kids in this capacity ever again, since it is stressful but rewarding . I think I will work in an educational setting but maybe as a consultant in some health and fitness capacity. As some of you know if you have read my blog posts that I have one more class-Integrative Capstone that will deal with comprehensive content from my prior classes.

I have wonderful moral and emotional support from my family and friends which has helped me tremendously in addition to going to therapy on a regular basis . My next appointment is tomorrow and I will be going over some homework that was given to me to read so that I can use it in tomorrow's session . I will fill you all in on the results of that in the future if I think it is significant to mention.

My health and fitness wish list is to be working either online or in a personal training facility within the next 10 years . I do plan on going back to school to get my Master's in Exercise Science at another online college that I am doing research on at the moment. There is a long application process that I am not looking forward to ,but it is called progress right?

Still exercising on an inconsistent basis-I have not pinpointed what I need to do to make this work in my favor. Education wise I know that right recipe but need the passion to stoke that fire and keep it lit. I am willing to take suggestions ,comments or ideas. It is harder than most people can imagine. It is a personal and frustrating battle with myself LOL

It will work it self out when the time is right. I just have to be patient with myself-I make sure I focus and not let my friends and family influence my decision unless I allow it.
It is all about keeping my state of mind calm and intact. Some of you might think well just do it.
If the fuel is not there to stoke then how can there be a fire.

Enough of that!
I will continue to keep you updated on my weight loss. Last weigh in was 163 down from 172 and working out in my apartment helps keep me toned . Of course my cardiovascular and muscular endurance need improvement as well as my diet . It needs more protein intake and less fat-I need to buy a protein powder to supplement between meals so I dont have that void between major meals-keeping my blood sugar and nitrogen levels elevated will help with muscle growth and recovery after exercise sessions.

That is my update for this week

Until next time

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