Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Discoveries

I have had my new macbook pro laptop since February of this year-very happy with it since I converted from a Windows computer. What a great difference in my stress level and I will not go in to details in lieu of the fact there are many window users out there and I am not a basher-this is from personal experience.

So on Friday of last week I upgraded my OS with the new version of Snow Leopard as it is called . Such a cool name for an OS version . I am having some irritation from some of my third party applications not being compatible with the new upgrade and some bugginess with some of the Apple apps but I do know they are working on getting fixes for those reported bugs and they will likely come out with the next update 10.6.1 soon ,so I am not so concerned. Even with the bugginess it is not as bad as it used to be.

Moving on.... I have found a way to get certified in Personal Training online within an educational institution that takes financial aid since I am not working at the moment. I am researching it more as we speak. I did receive a email from the institution and they summarized the application , financial aid and orientation process to get into the classes which start in January 2010 which works out fine for me since I am graduating this December from Capella University with a Master's in Information Technology-So that is my plan of action.
I have been trying to find an institution online that has just those qualifications.

Now the accreditation is another thing I am wondering about before I dive in. So I am going to post the name on Twitter and Facebook to see if I get any feedback about this college in terms of validity and how they do in career development and job placement in whatever concentration I decide to pursue. More than likely I am going to start in basics with wellness and fitness to refresh my knowledge and learn new information about the field from the new research that is out there on health and fitness .

So far my health is ok since my issues have been taken care for the moment which is a blissful since I am unemployed but have my veteran's health insurance to fall back on and they will take care of me until I die unless there are some major changes in my coverage.
I am still working on exercising more when I can and when I feel up to it. Here at home doesn't work well for me. So I know I need to get back in the gym. Forthcoming I know. Time will tell

In the meantime day by day is my motto. Pace myself , reduce my stress and living a simplistic existence always remain my goal. Lessons to be learned and my mind is open to more of it. Bring it on.

That is it for the moment. Thanks for reading

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