Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last week of School /Thoughts of the Future

Hello all

I am closing on my last week ending on Friday with this session of school until October where I start my last class called the Integrative Capstone Project for IT , and it will be comprehensive in nature . That is all I know at this point. I am sure this will be very challenging since it is based on the last 3-4 years of school. Not impossible but it will be hard.

Moving on, my weight is going down I am now 163 lb. down from 172 which is amazing give or take a few pounds based on the time of day and whether I was wearing clothes or not on the day I recorded the weight. Anyway I am glad and I do feel lighter since I gave up or cut down on those processed foods . I have been eating more fruit and vegetables and knowing I need to get back in the gym is wearing on me. I have been doing my "burpees" along with weight training with my dumbbells here in my apartment. if you have been reading my blogs you will know what those are. Read on it they are great for getting a intense whole body routine within a 10min period . I used my breaks from school and the computer to do my exercise routines .
I do them every other day so my body has time to recuperate . I have to remember that I am older now and my recuperation time has increased , so instead of 2 days I have to do maybe three , depending on what and how I do my exercises for that particular day.

My arms alway respond well to any exercise I do for the upper body so they always look ok just need to work on my cardio and muscular endurance, working on my abs and losing the weight helps fuel my motivation. Physical results from your workouts is always an ego booster for anyone losing , maintaining ,or gaining weight(lean muscle).

I am excited about graduating probably after the first of the year I will have my Master's in Information Technology, I am going straight into something I am very passionate about and that is Personal Fitness Training I am now in the process of researching a college that is offering a Masters in Exercise Science So I hope that pans out for me . It offers financial aid which is something that a lot of the personal training certification courses and programs do not. I did live and breath personal training years ago before some major challenges put a dent in that passion. I am healing thyself with self -reflection and knowing who I am as a human being in all that it comprises . It is fascinating, scary and enlightening to learn about yourself

I have had a mere 6 years to learn about myself and it makes you very humble thus you begin to appreciate those little things that you never had the time to analyze. Something to ponder on as I approach the half century mark. Whew I said it.

Well that is it from the Captain

Until next time
God bless

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