Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Short Update

Hello my friends

It has been a while since I posted-I have been very busy with school catching up on my homework.
I am still behind but have time to write something to let people know I am still around but busy.

I have been doing ok with managing my salt intake which was an issue when I went to the doctor-I have been using Mrs. Dash salt substitute for seasoning and I have been staying off the sweets and processed foods or cutting down on them.

I am still working on being consistent with the recording of my daily meals and exercise. Work to do but progressing.

I just bought the upgrade to my OS for Mac which is called Snow Leopard and I am testing it out. I have no major issues just irritating things that I know will be fixed in upcoming software updates along with finding compatible versions of my third party software ,plugins , etc.

I am in my 8th week of school and I will be done on September 18 Thank God this is a course that was hard to interpret based on the text book which is very technical but I am making do with the resources that I have.

Thank God as well that I dont use my Windows computer anymore for major work I will get back to it to see If I can continue to delete files off the disk . It is just very buggy and on a 8 year computer with ton of stuff on it that needed to be deleted .

Hmm I am about done with this post I dont have a lot to report as of right now maybe in a week I will have more for you

Until then

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