Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to school and Health Update

Well it is that time again. Vacation over -What vacation right? I am starting my new class called System Development and Theory at my online college Capella University -It is really a great college if anyone is interested in attending a online college. Highly recommended.

I have this class and my major project class which involves a comprehensive approach based on previous classes and what I have learned in those classes. It is similar to a Thesis I suppose but it is called the Capstone Project and then I graduate with a Master's of Science Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Health Information Systems . Fancy name huh ? Wish me luck .

Now in reference to my health I just returned from seeing my primary physician at the VA Hospital
I just needed to rule any undetected injuries resulting from my accident that took place on May 25. They took x-rays of the my lower jaw since it was injured in the accident. Overall My occupants and I were very lucky to survive with only bumps and bruises, along with some lingering anxiety to be in a car in general.
I am submitting a claim so I will need the documentation from my doctor stating if there are any physical injuries from the accident. This process will finish that chapter after I get the documents from the hospital.

While in the process of checking in which usually involves taking vitals (pulse, temperature and blood pressure) they did notice my BP was slightly elevated aka Stage 1 hypertension.
That concerned me ,so I know in the last five years I have become more sedentary based on the fact of sitting at my desk at home doing my coursework for the online class as well as checking email,surfing the net ,etc. Another Wake up call.

Eating processed foods ! When I am at home it is so easy to stick a frozen pizza in the oven or god forbid eat chips -Yes that is one of my guilty pleasures amongst others.
Nonetheless I know is elevating my blood pressure from 120/70 to 147 /90 within a five year period. Not good so I have choices to make and I know that it involves diet modification and exercise.

My home exercise routine is very minimal lately -I presently have an ab wheel , some dumbbells which I work out with along with doing an intense routine of calisthenics . So I know I need to go back to my former gym and pay the fees for a month. Revisiting that challenge will be good for me since this last visit to the doctor was another life lesson.

I have gained some arm size and my lats / back muscles have become thicker from the exercises I perform at home. but my weight is now concentrated at my midsection where the extra weight lies.

Oh I forgot to mention my weight was 157 in 2007 and now it is 174. The doctor showed me the graph displaying my weight and blood pressure fluctuations . Quite a eye opening experience when you see it on paper.

OK so I will close and please comment or email me with those comments , questions or statements based on your professional opinion and/or experience.

I will try to keep this updated every three days instead of weekly since I need the feedback from my readers as well as supplying me with reminders when i review my previous blogs -So they are a source of motivation when i get in a quandary concerning my well being.

Until next time

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