Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Week in Review

I am still reeling from my trip to New York- I have this new and alive feeling from being there and coming back to Cleveland and recognizing things in more detail. It was meant to be for me to go there to break through this barrier that has been in part self- imposed and part experience- based stemming from my prostate cancer diagnosis back to the passing of my mother and best friend and the many transitions that either complicated or resolved the questions I had. Lots of whys and ifs that plagued me and still do to some extent. I feel that I am opening another chapter in my life.

I am about to graduate with a Masters in Information Technology hopefully by the end of the year. And then" what?" I ask myself -I am preparing myself emotionally for the next major step as well as revising my resume and doing some basic networking ,sort of setting the groundwork.

I hope that the economy will continue to repair itself with the help of our government. I am also looking into certifying myself in Personal Fitness Training. I know it will take some time to get that done but my love is in Personal Training. I have done personal training in health facilities and clubs, competed in local bodybuilding shows (Won Mr. Cleveland in 2002) -Take a look at my twitter account and who I follow. Thus far I have obtained a lot of pertinent info of what I need to do and how to do it. I am meticulous about how I am going to go forward with this chapter in my life. Slow and steady ,thinking in practical terms.

Some people will say it is asinine to approach it in those terms but that is how I make my best decisions. Being risky and impulsive never worked for me so I wont . I think God has given me this respite from the 8 -5 world to heal and revisit my goals in life. So I am taking advantage of this opportunity. And it has helped me make better decisions. Thank you

It bring me to the tragic death of the King of Pop Micheal Jackson , I have heard so many stories about this man who grew up in my era and endured a very dysfunctional childhood. I can relate in many ways if I did not have the help and support that Micheal did not receive or if he did it was little to none- I would probably be going down that same road. Our stories are similar in some respects except his childhood was replaced by being anointed the Boy Wonder of the Jackson 5. That is some tremendous pressure. So when I listen or read about what some people are saying about him I get angry because more than likely they never experienced what he went through -In that respect I did not either -You have to learn to show some empathy which I have enough to pass around. It is very easy to blame him for a lot of thing that has happened in his life. If so , then please question yourself to find out what sparked the events that you blame him for.
OK I will stop the rant. Just a feeling I have since his death. I have even learned how much more precious my life is and I feel blessed to not be under that same pressure.

I have great resolve and strength that have matured from my life experiences thus far.
BTW I just got word that my prostate cancer is in remission according to my oncologist Whew what a relief I will see him in 6 months for another blood test and checkup.

I do pray for those whose prostate cancer is so advanced that it metastasized to the other organs and usually at that stage it gets harder to treat. I have talked to some of the veterans in the VA Hospital where I get treatment and checkups .
More sad stories ,another indication of the blessing I have been given. Thank you

This is a longer blog than usual I do apologize if you get to this point. The last few months have been very eye-opening for me in reference to my mission here on earth.

Until next time

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